Beyond the Password

Exec Briefing: Moving Beyond the Password

As adoption for Office 365 and Cloud platforms increase so do the questions around security and privacy of the data hosted there. One of the key ways to control this data is through effective login control beyond that provided by the Cloud providers by default.

Customers are more and more frequently coming to us to solve their authentication challenges, Nationwide were one such enterprise. We helped them to deliver a multi-factor adaptive authentication solution to over 24,000 users whilst ensuring their systems remained user friendly and compliant.

Customers joined their peers along with SecureAuth’s CEO Jeff Kukowski and CTO Keith Graham to explore:

  • The state of the market
  • The key security issues faced by enterprises
  • Why identity is as important to solving the problems of today relative to endpoint and network security?
  • Why two factor is no longer enough?
  • How it is possible to balance strong adaptive authentication and a great user experience?


Protect your business by protecting the identity of those who work within it.

Our adaptive authentication services offer unmatched security, ease-of-use and flexibility. The authentication platform utilises behavioural biometrics which ensures only authenticated individuals can access your network and completely passwordless.

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