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Mobile spend

Breakfast Briefing: How To Effectively Manage Your Business’ Mobile Spend

The smartphone has dramatically changed the mobile landscape in the last 15 years, but many organisations are still engaging with their carrier’s airtime using the same models from that long ago! Just as the devices themselves have transformed, so has the need to adapt the models used for procuring airtime and devices. 

 Carrier deals can often be confusing and complex. Whilst initially you may feel you’ve been provided with a great deal from a carrier, they have in fact locked you into an inflexible contract for 3 or 4 years with no room for manoeuvre should the market place change. The mobile market is susceptible to new developments and advancements such as 5G, whereby data usage is expected to rapidly double, which will have significant impacts upon static fixed contracts. 

Business employees are prone to breaching usage allowances, uncontrolled roaming and companies paying for unused services, bill shock is commonplace, costing businesses far over-the-odds and profiting the mobile networks.  

It’s time to take back control of your mobile spending

On Wednesday 20th March at The Mercer, Threadneedle Street we were joined by industry professionals for a full English breakfast and talks on how you can release 20% or more from your mobile budget. The agenda covered: 

  • Why businesses overspend on mobiles 
  • How carriers secretly generate excess profits 
  • Why tech funds cost more than you think 
  • Why contract terms are as important as tariffs 
  • Key objectives when negotiating 
  • Creating your plan 

If you’re interested in attending similar events, take a look at our events page to see what’s coming up in the future.


Matt Atkinson
Managed Mobile Network & Device Specialist

Matt’s worked in the telecoms market for over 20 years, helping IT, Finance and Procurement teams to develop a joined-up approach to managing telecom expenses, procurement as well as more recently developing Mobliciti’s own mobile network and device lifecycle services. Matt has led contract negotiation and expense management projects both in the UK and internationally for companies including HSBC, Clifford Chance, McDonald’s, Tesco and HomeServe.


Mobliciti offers a variety of Managed Airtime options tailored to each of our customer’s needs, and as part of the service, we’ll provide in-depth modelling of your current usage to ensure we find the right model to fit your business profile. It also means we’ll proactively manage your mobile airtime, connections, devices and security ensuring you have the flexibility to adapt to any future business or market changes.