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Cloud and mobile

Breakfast Briefing: Managing Access & Controlling Data in Office 365 & Cloud Services

Your Data Has Left The Building and needs protecting!

Whether sanctioned or not, the use of Cloud services and Mobile now mean that your data is beyond the reach of your firewall. With many reports suggesting the average enterprise has 1,000+ cloud services in use, now is the time to look at smart cloud security!

Whilst Cloud and Mobile have made it easier for employees to work and collaborate, traditional security products haven’t kept up and therefore are not well-suited to the needs of today’s cloud. At the same time, organisations are striving to ensure their staff and businesses are more agile and therefore you need to strike a balance and find a way to enable cloud security and simplify mobile access without negatively impacting your security and compliance.

Delegates joined us on the 21st May for a top-notch breakfast at The Ivy City Garden, London to learn how to strike the right balance.

Key topics covered:

• Getting visibility of cloud apps being used in your business
• Enforcing policy for sanctioned and non-sanctioned cloud services
• Enabling passwordless zero sign-on from mobile
• How to deploy effective Data Loss Prevention solutions across all Cloud services

Our CTO, Andy Brown, shared his views on this critical area of IT strategy.


Andy Brown
Chief Technology Officer

Andy joined Mobliciti in June 2015 as the Operations Director, responsible for Customer Support, Engineering, Project Management and Internal Operations and Systems and has most recently transitioned into the role of Chief Technology Officer. His previous role as Global Head of Mobile Engineering at HSBC meant that Andy was responsible for 70,000 Smartphone and Tablet devices globally. He also implemented the first BYOD and managed iPad solutions into HSBC.

Neil van Rooyen
Head of Pre-Sales

Initially joining in 2014 as a Systems Engineer, Neil has been Mobliciti’s Head of Pre-Sales since 2015. He specialises in providing architectural design, best practices, installations, upgrades, application deployments, migrations and disaster recovery in both on-site and hosted/private cloud environments.