modern working

Breakfast Briefing: Welcome to Modern Working – at The Aqua Shard

Businesses are increasingly expanding their use of mobile and cloud services, alongside this they need to keep their data secure whilst enabling a seamless and productive user experience on any device or app.

Many Enterprises have deployed MobileIron today to manage and secure their Mobile estate, but now want to move beyond email and do more to securely integrate their Mobile estate into these cloud services.

Attendees joined Mobliciti and MobileIron at a breakfast briefing on 4th September 2018 where MobileIron’s Director, David Critchley and Mobliciti’s CTO, Andy Brown, discussed:

  • How corporate data no longer sits within the business’ perimeter and has left the building
  • What’s new with MobileIron
  • An introduction into MobileIron’s additional feature set of Access, Bridge and MobileIron Threat Defense
  • How MobileIron can work with Microsoft products to enhance their capabilities
  • Live demos showing the simple steps to add Access, Bridge and MobileIron Threat Defence to your environment

A cloud security solution that provides conditional access to cloud services from mobile apps and browsers.


Unify mobile and desktop operations for Windows 10 using a single console and communications channel.


Protect your company from data loss in the event of any mobile threat so you are not cleaning up after an attack.


Mobliciti can help you make the most from your MobileIron environment – this includes management of devices, the addition of MobileIron Threat Defense and enabling secure authentication.

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