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2020 vision - Andy Brown VIEW 2019 - Windows 10, Unified Comms and more

Brown’s Bytes – 2020 Vision

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29th November 2019

It’s now been a couple of weeks since we delivered our annual event VIEW and I thought it would be useful for those of you who weren’t there (why not!!??) to catch up with those that did, and understand what the key topics were that resonated from my presentations.

2019 – it’s been quite a year!

I’m going to leave the summary of the year for just before Christmas but suffice to say that it’s not been quiet in the worlds of Mobile, Cloud, Wireless and Collaboration.

Moving on, we looked at the key areas for focus in 2020.

Windows 10 is coming to the Party

The fascinating thing about this subject is that it’s been a looooong time coming! As much as I love Windows 10, it always fascinates me how much of it is still Windows NT4 under the surface. I will probably enrage Microsoft die-hards when I say this, but I think this is actually an amazing compliment to how much Windows NT nailed it all those years ago (did someone say nearly a quarter of a century!!).

The fact that it is still fundamentally similar means that the way it’s been managed and deployed hasn’t changed too much either. We made the point that Windows 10 has now been deployed in most organisations, but that it is the last time the traditional deployment methods and tools will be used. Modern management is here!

Mobile-like management of Windows 10 is a key project for 2020 to get ready for. I first blogged about this in 2015 – we’re now the experts in this area and can help fast track this step-change in management. We’ve been working on this for over 4 years!

For us, Windows and Apple Mac are now Mobile Endpoints and we’re already the experts in Mobile!

Un-Unified Comms

Regular readers will know that I have mentioned the world of un-unified comms before – it staggers me how bad this area of IT still is and I went into some detail of how much technology can be thrown at a single meeting to not solve a simple problem. The good news is that things are (finally) changing for the better, and 2020 will see truly unified comms really gain momentum. Microsoft Teams + Zoom is a powerful combination to solve all this mess – and we’re experts in both!

Joining the Dots

I am immensely proud of how Mobliciti has built out an ecosystem of technologies and services that deliver the Modern Management, Security, Connectivity and Collaboration stack that forms the baseline for any organisation who wants to run securely and effectively in the modern world. By showing how all of these links together, we are in a great place to help organisations both make the journey to this modern stack and also run efficiently once in place.

Our key services in the Endpoint, Cloud Security, Collaboration and Wireless areas combine to deliver a baseline platform for Modern IT.

And way, way more….

It wasn’t just me speaking – we had amazing updates from our CEO, the Airtime and Devices team, MobileIron, Netskope, Wandera and CloudKnox. In addition, it was great that two of our customers took time out to join us and present on key projects that have been delivered. I could tell you what everyone else said as well, but maybe you now need to get in touch to find out more!

I’m pleased to say that the feedback has been very positive from those who attended – nobody is arguing with what we were saying (at least to my face anyway!!).

So please do get in touch and we can talk in more detail about all this and how we can get these important 2020 projects off the ground for you.