Brown’s Bytes – An Apple for Teacher?


29th March 2018

Normally when Apple make any kind of announcement the press goes into meltdown. So, it’s been interesting to watch Apple’s announcements this week at their “Field Trip” event and the general lack of buzz that it’s created.

This will be because they didn’t actually say much at all! However, if you dig beneath the surface there is an interesting nugget to consider.

For a while education has been an area where Apple have ridden the crest of the iPad wave – many schools have seen iPads deployed. However, it is far from the only device competing to be the heart of the digital classroom – there is significant competition from AndroidChromebooks and Windows.

There is a battle going on to control this market… after all the kids of today are the consumers of tomorrow. Unfortunately, Apple face a simple problem – even with an education discount their hardware is often seen as expensive. So, an event emphasising the capabilities of their new lower price devices in Education makes perfect sense.

Moving away from Education, it is interesting to overlay this messaging into the world of Enterprise.

After the buzz died down, iPad has always faced a simple challenge in enterprise – it doesn’t usually replace a Windows device or a smartphone and is seen as an extra cost to the Business.

Many companies now supply users with Windows, iPad’s and Smartphones. The iPad usage has been eroded by smartphones getting larger, but there remains a base that find the tablet experience a good compromise between the full fat functionality of Windows and the small screen convenience of the smartphone.

So, the one good thing that did come out of this event was a reminder that the low-end iPad range are actually amazing value for money!

For £319 you can get an iPad that has similar processing power to the last generation of top end iPhones. That’s potentially a bit of a bargain when you look at the price of an iPhone X.

Simply put, if you acknowledge that you probably won’t replace a PC with an iPad, then getting a low-end device that is a useful productivity tool, but that still has the full benefits of Apple hardware is actually pretty compelling at that price.

You’d also be surprised with how much that can now be done on an iPad in the Enterprise. If you do want to know more about this, then do get in touch.