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Apple Event 2019 - iPhone 11 in the Enterprise

Brown’s Bytes – How Did “Mystic Andy” Fare With His iPhone Predictions?

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11th September 2019

After all the build-up we’ve finally had the big announcements from Apple last night.

The Big News

The headlines today are all about the new iCamera 11 (oops – sorry iPhone 11). I was struck with how much of the presentation time was given over to the camera, and that’s arguably because it’s the only headline thing that’s really changed.

A cynical view would be:

  • The iPhone 11 is just an iPhone XR with a better camera
  • The iPhone 11 Pro is just an iPhone XS with a better camera
  • The iPhone 11 Pro Max is just an iPhone XS Max with a better camera

In the background, there are updates to the CPU/GPU and some claims of increases in battery life.

In the Enterprise context, this is all rather unnecessary. Camera choice isn’t relevant and most corporate use cases don’t stress the CPU and GPU in the slightest.

So far, it’s looking like an interim year. Overall, I think I’d give my predictions 8/10 for this!

As per the leaks, it seems the big changes will now come next year. For example…


Not even a mention of it. If you lived completely in the Apple Universe, it would seem that 5G doesn’t exist!

Now to be fair there isn’t much of a genuine use case for 5G yet, even in the consumer space, let alone the Enterprise space, so you could argue this isn’t that big of a deal.

But remember these devices are staying in the hands of users for longer and longer. A top-of-the-range iPhone could conceivably still be in use well into 2024 and beyond… and by then things would well have changed quite a bit. It seems that 5G will have to wait for the iPhone 12.

So, what did I get wrong?

The iPhone 7 has quietly been chopped as predicted, but my idea of the iPhone 8’s demise was clearly a little hasty. In fact, Apple has actually dropped the price of the iPhone 8. My prediction of the XR coming down to entry-level pricing was clearly off – to be fair if they had done that then it would have cannibalised the sales of the 11 too much given how similar the new iPhone 11 is to the XR (obviously excluding the amazing camera!).

The good news is that this does mean that the price range still has an obvious Enterprise entry-level offering. We now have a UK price range of:

  • iPhone 8 from £479
  • iPhone 11 from £729
  • iPhone 11 Pro from £1049
  • iPhone 11 Pro Max from £1149

You don’t have to be buying a fleet of too many phones for the iPhone 8 to look very attractive indeed. This is now the new fleet device of choice.

What did I miss?

Well, the new iPad was interesting. It sometimes seems a bit niche within the Enterprise, but you can now buy a full-size iPad with a 10.2-inch screen from £349!

Compare the new iPad to the price of an iPhone and it looks like a bargain!! Add a keyboard (the Apple one looks a bit steep at £159, but hey you can’t have everything), and then layer on top the more Enterprise-focused features of iPadOS 13 and you have a very interesting Enterprise device at a keen price point. Perhaps one to watch…

Talking of watches there was a new one. I’m still struggling a bit to find the killer Enterprise context to talk about the Apple watches, but I can guarantee that many of your users will have one going forward, and want to pair it up so maybe that’s the point – Enterprise phones joining with consumer wearables??


In summary – more of the same really. And to be clear, I don’t think that’s a bad thing!! Iteration isn’t necessarily a problem due to the fundamental good hardware base being built upon. Enterprise customers are generally happy with Apple devices (apart from the price maybe). There was nothing announced last night that will change that.

Where the Enterprise really gets value will be from the iOS13 updates coming. The hardware isn’t changing too much, but as stated before, the software has a few tricks up its sleeve that is cool for Enterprise Admins.

Also – if you want to get some bargains on the models that have just gone end of sale then get in touch. iPhone XR as a fleet device anyone??