Brown’s Bytes – Enterprise Mobility Convergence?


6th October 2017

There was a very interesting announcement by our partner MobileIron this week relating to a new partnership to deliver Mobile Threat Defence as part of the MobileIron solution. See here.

It’s been an emerging thread for some time now where it could be argued that the traditional EMM market is increasingly commoditised. All EMMs are limited by the controls that the handset manufacturers provide to the OS.

The thinking therefore, goes that this means all EMM platforms are increasingly the same.

As with all things the devil is in the detail with this idea… however, if you accept broadly that it is correct, then the key differences going forward are about the value add that the EMM providers can provide on top of the core OS control functionality.

MobileIron are therefore playing a smart game by using their position of trust on the Mobile device to enhance their functionality into other key areas. Mobile Threat Defence is a smart addition to the product suite.

As you will know, we’ve been banging the drum about MTD for years now. This announcement underlines that it will be a key area to have solutions in place for in 2018… it’s also amazing news for existing MobileIron customers who are looking to easily deploy a solution.

Something I’d suggest you key an eye on. I’d also suggest signing up to VIEW where IDC will be talking about the importance of EMM & MTD for your GDPR compliance.

In the meantime, if you’d like to know more about MTD from MobileIron then please get in touch.