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Brown’s Bytes – GDPR Has Just Got Real!

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19th July 2019

Not so very long ago, every IT vendor was touting their solution as having some form of capability to help with GDPR. A great amount of time and effort was spent by all companies (at least those that took the problem seriously) getting to grips with the changes in GDPR and making sure they were prepared.

And then GDPR finally came into force and it all went a bit quiet… cue movie trailer voiceover… Until Now!

Everyone saw the headline of a maximum fine of 4% of global turnover, but it wasn’t an exact science about how these fines would be calculated. It was always going to be a case that everyone would have to wait and see what kind of fines the ICO actually dished out…

Now they know… and it’s a lot!

And suddenly, IT security is being discussed as a board-level item like never before.

What is worrying is how often the IT security of an organisation still looks primarily at the datacentre, internal network & network perimeter.

But as I keep saying…

The data is already outside of these areas! Whether sanctioned or unsanctioned, business or personal, there are cloud services in use all over the business.

At the risk of stating the obvious, it is now vital that everyone grasps this nettle and puts in defendable controls that can prove that you saw the risk and did something about it!

There is more detail on what these GDPR fines mean for the Enterprise in the article on our site here.

Get in touch if you’d like to know more about how to get this sorted.