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iOS 13

Brown’s Bytes – Happy Friday the iOS 13th!

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20th September 2019

It’s here!!

Last night my early warning alarm went off for iOS 13 in the form of a teenage daughter excitedly telling me she was downloading it, and that she couldn’t wait for dark mode to transform her online life.

And so, I thought we’d use this week as a quick reminder of what will now be happening, and what to expect over the coming days:

  1. Some organisations have already sent out comms to users telling them not to upgrade
  2. Many users will have completely ignored these comms and installed it anyway
  3. Reminder – there is no going back!
  4. Right now, your estate will probably be at over 10% iOS 13 already, and this will climb throughout the day – in particular, this evening
  5. A final reminder at this point to make sure that your EMM platform of choice has been patched to a level for compatibility with iOS 13 and iPadOS 13

What to expect?

  • First of all, an impressive amount of things will work just as they did before – this is the bit that often gets lost in the noise to come. Kudos already to all the Developers across the world who’ve tested and tweaked their apps using the Beta releases to ensure that this is the case.
  • Some things will break. In the Enterprise, this usually means something odd with native email.
  • Those who didn’t test with Betas will now find out in production what these things are.
  • Please watch your Exchange environments for curious new behaviour.
  • iOS 13.0.1 will no doubt hit very soon with some fixes!
  • Over the next few months, Enterprises will start to explore the new features available in the EMM stack as they come online – a reminder that there is some cool stuff here.
  • The straggler users will just ignore all this fuss and carry on with an old version – creating a headache for later!

Personally, I was a moth to the flame – hopefully not burned by desire! So far, so good…

If you need help either getting ready or with dealing with the fallout of iOS 13, then do get in touch.