Brown’s Bytes – Happy National Work From Home Day!

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18th May 2018

This week I haven’t been in the office. I have either been working from home or on the road attending MobileIron Live! In Berlin. More to come on what I discussed there another time.

For today though, I note that it is National Work From Home Day.

At Mobliciti we have a mantra of “Drink our own Champagne” and this means that the solutions and services we provide for our customers are also the tool-sets we use internally.

What this means is we have now tipped this concept of remote working on its head. We no longer look to mobilise or make things available remotely. Everything is available remotely by default – it is just for us to choose what processes and data can only be consumed from within our premises and to block remote access to it.

This results in weeks like I have had this week. Whether working from home, at an airport, or mobile only at a conference I’ve had the ability to just get on with my work.

Amazing sometimes to take stock isn’t it?

I shall finish with a bugbear of mine – the out of office message that really needs to now be retired by everyone… we’ve all had an out of office come in from someone that goes something like:

“Thanks for your message. I’m currently away from the office with limited access to email. If your query is urgent then please contact somebody else…”

Think about it – that message is now at least 10 years out of date. I haven’t had limited access to my email since 2005! The reality of mobile enablement means that you’re always available (for better or worse).

Anyway – Happy National Work From Home Day everyone. If you’d like to know more on how to get the same technological utopia I have to support this, then please do get in touch!