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BB - 041119 - iOS 13 Enterprise update

Brown’s Bytes – iOS 13 – How’s It Looking In The Enterprise?

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4th November 2019

It’s now been a few weeks since I last spoke about mobile, so this one is for all of those dear readers suffering from Apple withdrawal symptoms! 

iOS13 has been out for over a month now and has already hit a milestone that Android updates can only dream of – 50% of all Apple iOS devices are now running iOS 13 (see  here  for more stats from Apple). 

Since the initial release, we’ve had a further six updates already – basically an average of one per week. All of these updates perhaps hints at something serious… 


I’m sorry, but iOS 13 has been the buggiest release I can remember from Apple. From a quality perspective, Apple appears to have bitten off more than they can chew with this update and it’s fascinating to consider why this would be. 

My theory is to do with the complexity of the overlapping ecosystem of hardware and software that Apple now supports. By that, I mean that an iPhone is no longer a standalone piece of kit – it now sits at the heart of everything Apple deliver. Apple Watch, AirPods, HomePod, iCloud, Mac, and more all have interweaving features that interact with the iOS codebase. 

The level of complexity with all these various codestreams speaking to one another appears to be reaching a crisis point – an update to one item seems to risk breaking something else but also, more importantly, testing all of this must be getting harder over time. 

Add in the fact that Apple releases software updates to support their fixed release cycles for hardware – hard deadlines create compromises. 

The end result? Developers are now chasing their tails fixing bugs quickly and then breaking something else unintentionally; which then leads to lots of releases to fix the fixes. 


And this is just the unintended bugs. I now need to speak about Email. 

Let’s be honest – Email is still the primary use case for all Enterprise users of iOS. On iOS12 it wasn’t perfect, but it also wasn’t broken. 

Cue iOS 13 and there’s been major changes to the email client! We’re tracking all kinds of bugs and issues that range from the infuriating to users, through to buggy behaviour, all the way to the flat out broken. So far, the six updates for iOS 13 to date haven’t resolved much at all – which suggests email isn’t top of the bug fix priority list. 

Customers are not impressed – we’ve got a long line of them complaining about this. 

Email is a must-have feature in Enterprise, and Apple needs to up their game quickly. Hard-earned reputations are quickly lost with stuff like this. 

Fingers crossed for the next release!