Brown’s Bytes – iOS Battery Life In The Enterprise


19th January 2018

There has obviously been a lot of noise recently about Apple and the hash up it’s made of managing battery life on iOS. If somehow, you’ve managed to miss this story then here is a good summary here.

The good news is that Apple are now going to release an update to iOS that will give users the choice between:

  1. Stepping down performance to protect battery life
  2. Running at full speed and accepting that battery life will get worse as the device ages

This seems a pragmatic response to the whole thing (and no doubt has been done with one eye on the class action lawsuits building up in the US).

So, based on this I thought it would be useful to consider what would be the most likely upshot of this specifically in the Enterprise.

Usually we don’t see devices using the really power-hungry Apps in the Enterprise. To be honest the killer App for Mobile is still Email and this isn’t going to be a CPU hungry App.

So, with this in mind I’d expect that the better solution for Enterprise users would be to live with reduced CPU and get a better battery experience.

However, as with all things iOS, the user will be king in terms of managing this new setting. It would be great to see Apple launch additional MDM controls for this setting, but I suspect that is unlikely given previous experience.

Users being users, they’re more likely to change this setting and just get worse Battery life!

As always, we’d be happy to discuss management of Apple in the Enterprise in more detail. If you’d like to know more then please do get in touch.