Brown’s Bytes – iOS11: Is adoption slower?


13th October 2017

A couple of interesting items on the wires this week.

The first is that Apple have released another update to iOS11. So, we’re now up to iOS 11.0.3, which means we’ve seen 4 iterations of the same iOS in less than a month! Clearly you could spin this as a negative or a positive depending on your point of view… and in particular, whether you’ve had issues with iOS11 so far.

The other interesting piece of news is that the adoption of iOS11 hit a milestone… there are now more devices on iOS11 than on iOS10. iOS11 adoption has reached 47 percent, successfully overtaking iOS10, according to data collected by analytics company Mixpanel.

This is still an adoption rate that Google would kill for on Android, but even so it does seem that the adoption of iOS11 has been considerably slower than previous releases.

There has been a fair bit of negative press about iOS11’s bugs/issues (we’ve highlighted some of it here) and maybe it is making people hold off? Possibly…

I think it’s more likely that users are only installing it if they want it and there isn’t enough in there to warrant the change. Also, we can see in our testing that users are not yet being nagged to install iOS11 with a Red Notification on the Settings App.

This does beg the question as to why Apple haven’t prompted users yet. I suspect there are more underlying issues being worked on before they turn the notification on.

Once that happens, the floodgates will open as usual!

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