Brown’s Bytes – Microsoft 365: The Quietly Efficient Machine At The Heart Of Your 2019 Plans!

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14th December 2018

As the Christmas break draws ever closer, it’s time for the final Brown’s Byte of the year. I thought I would take a moment to look at how things have moved forward in the last 12 months in the wide world of Microsoft.

Apple made massive news earlier this year when it became the first trillion-dollar business.

What went slightly under the radar in comparison was the fact that not long after this Microsoft overtook Apple to become the largest tech company. The quiet way they’ve gone about this is rather in line with the way the company has reinvented itself since the dark days of Zune and the Windows Phone.

Not that long ago, Microsoft were struggling. They had completely missed the smartphone and tablet revolution and were struggling while trying to play catch-up in several areas where the likes of Google, Apple, etc. were innovating ahead of them. Windows PCs were increasingly seen as old hat. Consumers were putting money previously spent on laptops and desktops into smartphones and tablets instead.

Of course, Microsoft were still massive from the licence revenue that Office and Windows brought in, but the ultimate failure of the Nokia acquisition and the Windows Phone operating system really did seem to sum up how Microsoft were both failing to innovate and struggling to keep up.

Cue new CEO Satya Nadella in 2014; what he has achieved in 4 years is pretty incredible. His approach of doubling down on his core services (Windows, Office, Cloud) and offering all of this as a service has literally transformed their fortunes, but also has changed the way Enterprise IT is going to be run everywhere.

At the heart of all this is Office 365 (O365). This one stop, cloud powered, complete collaboration toolset is changing the way a core IT service is delivered from consumers all the way up to the largest (and most heavily regulated) Enterprises.

When I’m out with customers I often make the point that if IT had the luxury of starting with a blank sheet of paper and building their infrastructure from scratch then Microsoft 365 would sit at the heart of it. The idea of running servers and all the other associated infrastructure to run a business in your own datacentre would seem like madness if you were setting things up as a new business.

Not that long ago, many customers were authoring their cloud strategy papers, but in 2018 this flipped over to implementing instead – O365 is often the trigger for this happening. Partly this is being driven by Microsoft, who are being pretty obvious in their desire to drive customers to O365, but also it is because IT departments can’t wait to get there.

Never having to complete an Exchange upgrade ever again – that’s enough reason to move on its own!!

Right now, everyone is somewhere on the path to Microsoft 365 adoption. The benefits of adopting the technology are easy to see. For those not yet there, the challenge for 2019 will likely be to deliver this.

And Mobliciti can help you! As a Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider, we can provide tools, expertise and assistance to get data into the Cloud and to protect it once there. Our products and services are all designed to work effectively with Microsoft and we are experts in bringing mobiles to life using O365 Apps.

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