Brown’s Bytes – Modern vs. Traditional


24th November 2017

One of the drums I’ve been banging for a while now is about Windows 10 and how it will be managed like a Mobile estate going forward. If you missed it, there is a previous blog on this topic.

As a company that specialises in Mobile and Cloud, it is always interesting to see alternative views to ours and compare them. This week I read a very interesting opinion piece by Gabe Knuth on the same topic that approaches the issue from the other end to us (i.e. the traditional Windows management way).

In summary his points were:

  • The switch to using modern management (or EMM as we’ve been calling it for years) is inevitable
  • It’s a big change
  • It’s available on Windows 10 only and companies are still happy on Windows 7
  • It’s too big a change to incorporate into any Windows 10 deployment plans
  • The answer is to deploy Windows 10 the traditional way and worry about this new stuff next time around

This was a genuinely interesting read. There was much in the article that I could agree with, but the conclusion is the wrong one for me. In fact, it made my teeth itch a little with it’s lack of ambition or forward thinking.

I agree that this switch is inevitable. Where I differ is on the urgency of when it needs to be done.

If you work through Gabe’s points to their logical conclusion, then Windows 10 will be deployed (eventually) and then remain in service until it’s end of life in 2025.

That’s 8 years from now. Realistically it’s going to be the 2020’s before you look at a Windows refresh again.

That’s a VERY VERY long time given the pace of change with Mobile and Cloud technologies.

Microsoft themselves are driving everyone to the Cloud faster than anyone predicted and changing IT strategies for us all with it. The risk is therefore very real that, rather than planning to work on modern management now, you may end up having your hand forced to do it anyway by events overtaking the strategy of “worry about that next time”.

As you’d expect my advice is to do the opposite. You really need to get a handle on modern management for Windows next year and start planning for it being a part of the Windows 10 deployment. This is a massive shift from where Windows management is today and you need to start the process as soon as possible. It is inevitable and the sooner you start the better prepared you will be.

We can help with this. The new world is one we’ve been supporting for years now. If you’d like more information on how we can help streamline Windows 10 deployment then please get in touch.