Brown’s Bytes – Peak Smartphone In The Enterprise?


2nd March 2018

Following on from my Mobile Only challenge in February, I’ve been watching Mobile World Congress with interest to see what exciting new devices are coming along that can move mobile in the enterprise along.

To be honest I’ve struggled to see anything of much significance.

On the phone front it has been a pretty muted affair:

  • Samsung got the most noise for the new Galaxy S9 and S9+
  • Nokia got some more press by doing another retro phone

I’m struck that we seem to have reached the peak of the current evolution of the smartphone. Tiny iterations of design and features are touted as major changes, or you have devices looking backwards for inspiration.

Sorry for the grim tone, but that’s the reality of the Smartphone market. It does feel like a market waiting for the next big thing to happen.

Now for the good news… in the enterprise this stasis is actually not a bad thing! Generally, the enterprise has struggled to keep up with the pace of change in the mobile market. This slowdown and the ability to have similar solutions across multiple iterations of devices is useful…

While the VIPs will continue to get the latest flagship device, it’s now the case that the previous generation devices are more than sufficient for the rest of the estate and can be bought significantly cheaper. However, please do check my previous Byte on making sure that they will be patched for the life you intend to use them for. We can also help with getting very interesting pricing on these devices if you’d like to investigate further.

Remember that I worked for nearly a month on a phone only! The solutions available today really are very good indeed.


Following on from my Mobile Only challenge last month you may recall that I bemoaned the lack of the laptop dock for my Samsung S8…

Check out the Mirabook:

Many thanks to Rob Knight for pointing this out to me.

Shipping in May hopefully… maybe I need to try the Mobile Only challenge again… watch this space!