Brown’s Bytes – The Mobile Only Challenge


26th January 2018

As part of my New Year’s resolutions I decided to set myself a monthly challenge each month in 2018.

I started with dry January and am pleased (and relieved) to report that I’m nearly there! So now to February’s challenge…

As a company Mobliciti has been championing “Mobile First” since we started. A lot of ground has been covered along the Mobile First journey and many Enterprises are now using Mobile more than ever as part of their day to day business processes.

However, the reality is that when working at a desk everyone still reverts to some form of desktop/laptop. I’m no different in this regard – I use a Windows Surface Pro as my “full fat” device and dock it when sat in the office. It works extremely well as a “tablet-ish” device and I’ve spoken before about how well Windows 10 increasingly fits with the mobile centric world of management. What’s interesting though is that the Mobile Phone I have in my pocket is then used as a secondary device – in effect it’s a voice only device again while I’m in the office.

At our recent event VIEW, we discussed in detail about a number of drivers in the Enterprise phone market:

  1. Phones are getting ever more powerful.
  2. Phones are getting ever more expensive and that cost is being challenged.
  3. Enterprises continue to mainly use their devices in the same way they have for years (i.e. primarily as an Email device).
  4. Increasing the ROI from a phone therefore helps to justify the spend.

So, a key question I want to investigate during February is “are we at a Mobile Only tipping point yet?” To do this I’m going to take a very simple approach to potentially reducing cost and that is to see if my phone could replace my Surface.

Enter the Samsung DeX Station… Full details here on the Samsung site. As I’m already using a Galaxy S8 phone, I can add the DeX (for just over Sixty quid!) and then dock for my phone and use the computer power it has all the time!!

Now this isn’t a new idea. Many moons ago BlackBerry had a go at this and more recently Microsoft tried the idea to try and keep Windows Phone on life support for a little longer. Suffice to say neither was a roaring success. I also note that DeX is already being sold for less than 50% of list price since its launch last year so maybe the omens are not great for it.

However, in theory, DeX has got most of what I need – in particular support for Microsoft Office Apps and a Decent Browser.

So, the challenge is simple – can I get through February without using my Surface? A whole month…

Watch this space…