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4th January 2019

Welcome back everyone and a very happy New Year!

Unless you’ve been living under a rock this week, you will have seen in the mainstream press that the Apple share price has been taking a hammering due to a slowdown in iPhone sales. There is much conjecture and opinion in the press about this, but the key points tend to be:

  1.  iPhones are getting more expensive
  2.  People are keeping their phones longer as a result
  3.  You’re not missing much if you don’t have the latest and greatest phone

All of which means that fewer people are upgrading every two years than previously. Pretty much what we’ve been saying on this channel for a while in the Enterprise space also.

New Year, New Challenge

A year ago, I set myself a challenge to work using only my Samsung Galaxy S8 combined with a Samsung DeX docking station (the Mobile Only challenge). For 2019, I thought it would be useful to try something different…and why not make it relevant to this news?

Enter the “Old Phone Challenge”

My current device (Samsung Galaxy S8) is coming up to the end of its 2-year contract. So, if I follow what the press are saying I should just carry on using it as I don’t really need an upgrade.

But that’s not extreme enough I hear you cry! Now, I do want a new phone (I always do), but how about I switch to a Used Phone that’s actually even older than my current phone!! So, the challenge is as follows:

My wife got a new phone for Christmas and as a result there is a 3-year-old iPhone 6S going spare. It’s been in constant use for 3 years but is in good condition and still in working order. I thought it would be a good device to move to as:

a) I will have to move from Android back to Apple (which is a useful challenge in itself)
b) It’s still running the latest iOS version (a necessity for security and the latest features)
c) You can still buy a brand new one (I just checked and O2 has them “In Stock”)!

So, the January challenge is set: watch this space to see how I get on!

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