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Brown's Bytes - Traps of Social Marketing

Brown’s Bytes – The Trap Of Social Marketing?

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11th October 2019

A slightly different focus this week… you’ll see why.

We were recently meeting with a customer and a throwaway comment was made along the lines of Mobliciti being ‘the mobile guys’.

You can see why given our history in the space… even the Mobliciti name can point in this direction.

And it’s true that we now offer a comprehensive service when it comes to sorting out mobile technology in the Enterprise. We can deliver the complete lifecycle of mobile; from device and airtime all the way through to management and security, and then finally dealing with secure end of life. We deliver this with a team of experts who are the best in the area.

But, we do so much more than that!!!

Now, we also had a recent presentation from Marketing about Brown’s Bytes, where they were showing which posts gain the most views and shares. No surprise it was all about mobile, and indeed the majority of what I talk about on this channel is often mobile-related.

I have reflected on this, and I think this is because of the slightly ironic trap of social marketing – you want to create content that people will read, and Marketing want to build and grow the online presence. But as your brand grows, you can end up in a feedback loop of trying to create content for the clicks. It’s human nature – you don’t want to create content that nobody looks at!

The danger is that when you try something different and it doesn’t drive as many clicks and views then you go back to what works… just like a person on YouTube or Instagram would do. Just because it’s on LinkedIn and it is about B2B marketing, doesn’t change the fact that there are humans underneath all this.

I need to change this – Mobliciti is much more than mobile. We deliver award-winning services around Wireless Networking, Cloud Security and Collaboration. We actually cover a large part of the modern IT stack these days.

As part of the “face” of our organisation this channel also needs to reflect this. I will still be talking about mobile quite a bit, and in particular, when something happens that’s hot in the press, but I also need to cover everything else we do.

Sod the clicks! They will probably come in time anyway (just as they did on mobile).

Back to the market and technology next week…