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Brown’s Bytes – Time to Start the Beta Testing…


2nd June 2017

In advance of the weekend a little reminder that Apple has it’s WWDC event next week. There are plenty of pages full of the usual speculation about what might be announced, but for now I wanted to flag that this is highly likely to be the event where the wraps come off iOS 11 for the first time.

Further to my previous posts, this is likely to be a significant iOS11 update for couple of reasons:

  1. The end of 32 Bit Hardware support (anything older than an iPhone 5C will need replacing)
  2. The end of 32 Bit App support

The good news is that Apple should start making Beta releases of iOS11 available very soon so you have an excellent opportunity to try it and see what breaks before your users do…

If you don’t already do this I would highly recommend spending some time completing regression tests of your Apps and environment using the Apple Beta releases.

As with all Beta testing you will likely find more issues the earlier in the Beta cycle that you test this, but it is definitely worth investing the time in it. At the very least, you will hopefully know if there is an issue before your users find it for you!

One note of caution however – it’s not unheard of for features to drop in the Gold release that were missing in the Betas. You still can’t quite guarantee what will happen, but you’ll definitely be better prepared than most.

We’ll also be completing regression testing in our labs for the technologies we support as well. So, if you’d like to hear more about how our testing is going then get in touch.