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25th May 2018

This week I thought I would turn back to looking at the world of Apple in the Enterprise.

Firstly, to talk about rumours on the iPhone SE2 again…

As those who read my earlier byte will know I’m generally a believer in larger screen sizes for smartphones in the Enterprise. I had a little bit of a rant too about the iPhone SE2 still being rumoured to be a smaller phone.

However, a recent leak might well mean I have to rethink this. As detailed here I may well have failed to factor in the size of the bezels around the screen.

If the leaks seen here are correct, then we really might have a cheaper iPhone that has the screen real estate needed. It would also be up to date with the increasingly dominant trend for screens with a notch out of the top. (Have you seen how many Android copycat devices are launching with this now?)

In effect Apple may have a 5-inch display squeezed into a device the size of an iPhone 5… that could be pretty cool indeed!

And Users love Apple

Secondly a couple of key points to consider.

  1. If you want to have the least noise about the mobile devices you provide in the Enterprise, then deploy iPhones and accept that it costs more for hardware. It really is that simple.
  2. Users stay with Apple – market statistics for consumer show this. Apple have a 92% retention rate on iPhone according to the latest studies I’ve seen.

We see many Enterprises that have deployed iPhone as their device of choice. Based on the above points we can clearly see why, but we can therefore also extrapolate:

  1. Enterprises that have deployed iOS tend to have the happier users, but they pay more per handset than on Android (often Android is chosen on price rather than features).
  2. If an Enterprise now looks to deploy Android instead then they are potentially going to face an uphill battle with the users.

This is a key point to consider if you do plan to investigate alternative devices. You absolutely have to bring the users along for the journey. You can’t just replace one with another and expect the users to buy into the decisions you’ve made. This is definitely not the same as changing laptop brands!

And if you get it wrong it can actually have monetary value for the business – users that like the phone you give them tend to look after it better. This can mean higher residual values at the end of life, or a longer life in service… the value of this should not be overlooked.

With budgets tightening all the time as well, it does mean that the iPhone SE2 could well be the device that Enterprises look at more and more as the alternative to cheaper Android options.

I’m genuinely intrigued now to see what gets announced by Apple later this year…

Until then if you’d like more assistance with device strategy in the Enterprise and how to factor in the cost of change then please do get in touch.