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Brown’s Bytes – Welcome Back! A Reminder For Your To-Do List….

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31st August 2018
Next week marks the end of the school summer holiday season for most of us here in the UK. As a result, we’ll see several things:

  • Traffic will return to normal levels on the roads
  • Trains will go back to being rammed
  • The office will suddenly be a lot busier

For us at Mobliciti, we’re also getting geared up for the surge of requests for assistance that tend to come in as everyone returns to work. September marks a very busy period for our Managed Service Centre partly because of the post-holiday surge, but also because:


This is my now annual reminder (as if you need it by now!) that the next major release of iOS (in this case 12) is imminent.

For those of you who perhaps haven’t followed my missives for the last year a quick reminder what this means:

  • iOS 12 will quickly be made available to all users globally shortly after it is announced for most modern iPhones and iPads
  • It will break a few things
  • No, you can’t stop it*
  • Apple will fix most things that happen with a release of iOS 12.0.1
  • You need to be ready!

*unless you have supervised iOS devices running 11.3 or later and have set up the necessary MDM controls to hold back the tide for up to 90 days.

So, how do you prepare for this?

Well if you haven’t already done so, I would strongly recommend getting hold of the latest iOS 12 public beta and trying it out in your environment with your apps. We’re at the point now where the final release is likely to be very similar to the Beta and this should be a pretty representative test (although there’s no promises) – if nothing else, forewarned is forearmed as they say…

We’ve done testing in our labs and it appears to be a solid release that isn’t breaking anything dramatic in our tests. However, the nuances of everyone’s Apps and Environments means you really need to check this for yourself.

Being “ready” also means you need to check that your EMM / MDM / UEM is compatible on day 1 – many products will, as a minimum, need a patch to be compatible with the new OS and devices (with a further patch coming after to deliver new features). You don’t really want to be urgently patching environments after the release is on your phones. It’s your last chance to plan for this…

Finally, you need to be ready for the fact that iOS 12 brings a raft of new features as well as new IT administrator controls (although not necessarily for all the new features unfortunately). When testing, it would be wise to look at these with a view to how your users will potentially find ways to play with them and if they warrant extra investigation – often the security team will be interested in these and probably have a view of controls for them.

For more information, Apple has produced a great document on iOS Lifecycle Management that is worth a read – link here.

So – welcome back… I trust you’re suitably rested and ready!

If you’d like help with getting prepared for iOS 12 then please do get in touch, but you’d better be quick as resources get booked up fast in September… I wonder why!!

Oh – Nearly forgot…

There is also the small matter of the rumoured new iPhone models and a new Apple Watch that all your users are bound to want! Let’s deal with that when they’ve been announced…