Brown’s Bytes – What About the Macs??


25th August 2017

Thanks to Neil for covering for me during my break. I’m back from leave so you’re back to more meanderings from myself! A common challenge we see a lot in companies is how to manage Apple Macs. Usually this is triggered by one of the following use cases:

  1. There will be a creative part of the company that expects to use Mac by default. These are the people who usually are offended by even the idea of using a Windows device!
  2. The senior manager that looks at the shiny Macbook and expects to be able to use it at work.
  3. Companies start to embrace BYOD and then that familiar Apple device shows up…

As we all know it has historically been much easier to embrace Windows in the Enterprise due to the granular controls built into the OS for the last 20 years.

Apple Mac has always done things differently (note – not necessarily worse) and this creates a friction when you try to integrate them into the rest of the environment.I’ve seen many approaches to try to do this quickly. Short cuts, such as running Windows on a Mac or Citrix on a Mac, they introduce a lot of compromises to user experience and usually throw the baby out with the bathwater,when the whole point was to embrace the user experience of MacOS. Projects then stall and get canned…

Meanwhile the number of Macs being shipped continues to rise and the chances of this headache going away get smaller and smaller. Given my previous posts about Windows 10 moving over to the world of Mobile management, it seems natural that Mac could potentially do the same thing.

It would be a thing of beauty – a single platform to manage:

  • Mobile Devices (Apple, Android and Windows Phone)
  • Windows 10 desktop/laptop/Surface
  • Apple Mac

The cool thing is – as of yesterday MobileIron released enhanced Apple Mac management into their Core product….so it’s available today!

Granular management controls for Mac – all the stuff an Enterprise would expect (Force Encryption/Firewall, App Push, Corporate App Store, App Blacklisting/Whitelisting) is all there.

I’ve banged on before about DEP for Mobile as well – and this is also supported on Mac for a great out of box experience!

If you want to finally solve the Mac headache then get in touch.