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Apple iPhone 11 iOS 13 event

Brown’s Bytes – What’s Coming Next Week From Apple?

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6th September 2019

It’s that time of year again – the Apple hype machine is gearing up and the world awaits to see what will be announced at Apple’s big event next week…

In many ways, the surprise of these events has now been lost over the years. Let’s be honest it’s going to result in two key pieces of news:

  1. The launch of the iPhone 11
  2. The release of iOS 13

There will probably be a few curveballs in the mix, but in the end, that will be the big-ticket stuff!

So, with our usual Enterprise hats on, what can we expect?

iOS 13

I’ve covered this already in the past, but it is worth reminding that there are some pretty significant changes coming in iOS 13, not least:

  • The split of iPadOS out of iOS to create a tablet-specific OS for the first time
  • More enterprise-focused features for the iPad
  • A major change to the MDM stack to support a more BYOD friendly activation

On a personal level, I’m also rather pleased with significant updates to CarPlay – worth the update alone for me! Maybe not directly an Enterprise feature, but I bet a significant portion of corporate iPhone users must use it on a regular basis given the popularity of the feature in the consumer market.

Now, in the background the team here have been testing the latest beta to see how it looks, and their summary is that (as usual) it mostly works, but there are also the expected caveats:

  1. You need to check the version of your MDM platform of choice for compatibility in order to stand the best chance of things not breaking
  2. In an ideal world, you might want to tell your users to hold off on the update (good luck with that)

As with all major updates, things will likely break that didn’t show up in testing (often as a result of stress testing services with many users) so be prepared for the unexpected… usually email related. As always iOS 13.0.1 won’t be too far behind – it’s often worth waiting for this if you can.

And one last reminder to get the Beta and test it for yourself! Forewarned is forearmed…

iPhone Range

Remember when Apple releases were watertight, and everyone went into a frenzy trying to work out what the new iPhone would look like? Times have changed and the internet seems pretty convinced that the iPhone 11 is going to basically be an iteration of the iPhone XS with a better (and uglier) camera.

From an Enterprise perspective, the flagship is perhaps less of interest than the potential changes at the other end of the range – which is usually where Enterprise mobile fleets are purchased.

In the past, older models have found success in the Enterprise when a new phone has been released due to their price being cut, but this year there is less consensus out there about what’s going to happen.

And it matters this year – a reminder that iOS 13 isn’t going to be made available to any device before the iPhone 6S… and there are still a lot of iPhone 6 devices out there. These will have to be replaced urgently (remember no updates means no security patches).

So, what do I predict? History suggests that the iPhone 7 is for the chop for a start, but I wonder if the iPhone 8 might also go, with Apple moving away from the Home button completely across the range.

If that were to happen, then could we see a slightly cheaper iPhone XR becoming the entry-level device? This would leave the iPhone XS as a mid-tier device – a gateway to the new phones with the superior camera…

As always, this is all conjecture, but if I was looking at my mobile phone budget, I would be worried that prices were about to bump up. One to watch… and we can help you with the supply and deployment of devices if needed. Get in touch to find out more about this (there might be some good deals on last year’s models for a start!)

You can also watch our on-demand webinar here to find out more about alternative models to purchase your mobile fleet.

For now, we wait…