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Brown's Bytes - Microsoft Teams vs Zoom

Brown’s Bytes – Teams vs Zoom – Which One Is Best?

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25th October 2019

This week we’re back in the world of Unified Comms and Collaboration. Regular readers will know I have covered my thoughts on the general lack of unification in this world before, so I thought I would focus this time on one of the common conversations we’re seeing when we talk to customers about the Collaboration space and in particular the common IT trap that I’ve picked up on as a result.

Teams vs?

So, this is the first thing we’re seeing a lot of. Many organisations are far from being a greenfield site when it comes to the world of Collaboration. There is a mixture of technology already in place – often bits of Skype for Business, Webex, Jabber, Voice Conferencing, VC, etc.

In the background to all this is Microsoft Teams. Everyone is looking at Teams and usually, it’s because they’ve already bought it! The way Microsoft has bundled things together into E3 and E5 agreements mean that Teams is one of the many technologies under review – in fact, we run a whole workstream for customers just around delivering value from an existing MS agreement…

This makes total sense.

The bake-off trap

The danger is what tends to come next.

IT teams love a technical bake-off – they compare the market and decide what’s best. In this space, it tends to boil down to be a choice from:

  1. What’s in place today (the do-nothing option)
  2. Something cheap or bundled in elsewhere (Teams or maybe Cisco)
  3. Something else that is “market-leading” according to Gartner quadrants (often now Zoom)

The answer is then to find out the closest match to requirements and move forward with it. Much time is spent comparing solutions. In this particular case I can say that the “do nothing” option falls away pretty quickly, most people I speak with acknowledge that the current toolsets aren’t working well for users.

So, we quickly get to Zoom vs Teams. Full disclosure, we’re a Microsoft Partner and a Zoom Partner so I get to back both horses!

However, this choice of either / or is a trap… both products are actually extremely effective tools, but they excel in different ways. By choosing one over the other you end up compromising somewhere for your users…

So… do both!

My recommendation would be to look at the power of having both – Zoom integrates into Teams extremely effectively, it’s not really either / or, it’s about using the best tool for the job in hand. Your users will gravitate to the tools that are easiest to use by default if you give them the choice.

Commercially you’ve already got Teams in your bundle and Zoom will most likely look a bargain compared to the existing tools in place.

Save money, drive value from the MS agreement and have the best of both worlds from a technology point of view…

Sounds too good to be true??

Well, honestly it isn’t. Get in touch to find out more about how we’re helping customers with making this choice, or come along to VIEW , this is an important area we’ll be covering in more detail there.