challenge 20

Take Mobliciti’s “Challenge 20” and Save Money on Mobile Airtime & Devices

The way enterprises use mobile devices is ever changing and consumption of resources is increasing. Whilst the “tech fund may initially provide good value for money around airtime and devices, mobile networks are actually artificially inflating prices to cover the increasing consumption and rising cost of devices.

Although, mobile network operators may appear to be the only choice for device procurement and airtime, they are not.

With Mobliciti, we can provide you with a fully managed service meaning you can have everything that the mobile operators provide and much more.

We still use the same underlying mobile networks (e.g. Vodafone or O2), but we manage every element of the services proactively and transparently – all in your business’ best interests. Our mobile services are tailored to your real business needs – removing complexity and releasing your IT team for more strategic work, all whilst ensuring your mobile costs and usage are kept in check.

So, take Mobliciti’s Challenge 20 and see if we can release up to 20% of your budget.


To see where we can save you money, Mobliciti will conduct an Insight Review and workshop whereby you’ll receive comprehensive insights into your mobile network costs, usage trends and airtime contract & pricing.


1. Learn about key opportunities to reduce costs

2. Identify significant usage and policy management issues

3. Achieve clear visibility of current & projected spend and usage

4. Discover hidden terms & conditions that may impact long term costs

5. Gain recommendations for optimisation


Mobile Spend Review
A clear overview of current services, costs and key contract terms

Usage Management & Trends
Analysis and exception reporting to identify usage trends, policy issues and opportunities to control usage and manage costs

Inactive Services Review
Overview of how to reduce costs by removing unused services and connections (based on detailed billing analysis)

Tariff Review
Analysis of current contract and any proposed terms compared against Mobliciti’s benchmarks

Mobile Data Usage
Detailed analysis and trend reporting on data consumption across the mobile estate (UK and Roaming) and an assessment of the opportunities to tackle this challenge