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Hands Up If You’ve Nailed Your Mobile IT Strategy?

Why having an Enterprise Mobility strategy is crucial for ensuring operational productivity

Written by: Shane Taylor, CEO Mobliciti

In the rapidly changing world of Mobility, and with Apple and Google’s domination of the market – is it any wonder that many IT teams are overwhelmed by the challenges they face as they attempt to move towards a mobile-first strategy?

Appian recently conducted some research with 306 IT decision makers, and the message couldn’t be any clearer: Enterprise Mobility is crucial to the longevity of business.

  • Over 90% of IT decision makers see Enterprise Mobility as the critical function for customer engagement, competitiveness and operational productivity in 2016
  • 61% also see Enterprise Mobility yielding the biggest ROI for their organisation
  • 87% see Enterprise Mobility as being crucial to their organisation’s profitability


Mobility tactics

Savvy organisations are now placing Enterprise Mobility at their heart of their operations. There is a clear business case for Mobility to form the core of many CIOs’ strategies when the dividends are so great.

However, moving from a tactical to a strategic positioning around Enterprise Mobility doesn’t come without its challenges:

  • What technology to use?
  • Should it be managed through legacy or require investment in new systems?
  • What’s the budget and how do we control spiraling mobile spend?
  • Do we have the expertise to implement and manage it in-house?

Enterprise Mobility as a Service

‘Mobile-first’ is something that the Mobliciti team has been championing for seven years. Back in 2009, we anticipated that Mobile was the future. Since then we have gone on to help more than 150 organisations achieve their business goals by helping them implement an Enterprise Mobility strategy.

So if the prospect of resourcing and supporting a mobile first strategy internally is daunting, and it is preventing you from investing in what could be a business critical advancement – the Mobliciti team can help.

By harnessing our expertise we can help you implement your Enterprise Mobility as a service, taking the pain and confusion out of your decision-making process. We offer three core services that could take your organisation to the next level:

  • Managed Corporate Wireless
  • Managed Mobility
  • Managed Mobile Security

Get in touch with our team of experts – we’d welcome the opportunity for you to challenge us with your requirements.