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Embrace a Mobile-Centric, Zero-Trust Approach

​As the way we work changes, mobile and cloud technology adoption have seen the dissolution of the traditional enterprise security perimeter. As a result, new threat vectors have been introduced which legacy security frameworks are often incapable of sufficiently defending against.
With a “never trust, always verify” approach, MobileIron goes the extra step.

Mobile use is at an all-time high:



Recent years have seen users benefit hugely from the flow of data across a wide variety of devices, apps, networks and cloud services. But the expectation of having anytime, anywhere access has eliminated the need for a traditional security perimeter, whilst creating a massive-attack surface which is open to a whole host of new risks and threats.


Desktops are being replaced by mobile endpoints, and data centres are moving more and more information to the cloud. As a result, data sits on devices and clouds that an enterprise business owns, as well at those they don’t, in addition to crossing multiple networks. Security on these unknown networks can often have far less robust security than in the workplace.

Hackers follow opportunity

Hackers follow the data, as this is what is valuable to them. It’s far more efficient and less time-consuming for malicious actors to find and expose new doors rather than break through old ones which have layers of PC protection. Enterprises have a multitude of devices so they’re an obvious target for hackers.

Mobile attacks are growing in sophistication, therefore organisations need to focus on a mobile-centric security approach rather than relying on security models built for the PC and data-centre world that poorly translate to the mobile-cloud world.

So, what is zero-trust?

Zero trust approach

The zero-trust approach works by recommending that a security strategy is built based on the assumption that your network is already compromised. As such, secure access is determined with a “never trust, always verify” approach, requiring consistent verification enforcement of the likes of the device, user, apps, networks and presence of threats.

There are multiple different approaches to the zero-trust model, but all key methods focus on identity, gateway and the device. But a mobile-centric approach is essential to address the security challenges which are raised by a perimeter-less modern enterprise, whilst still enabling the agility and anytime access required by businesses.

The MobileIron Solution

MobileIron operates under the belief that the mobile is the very centre of the enterprise, leading them to create a security platform that starts from the device. A mobile-centric, zero trust framework goes well beyond any traditional identity management and gateway point solutions. Access is granted based on a comprehensive set of attributes, involving validating the devices, establishing user context, checking app authorisation, verifying the network, whilst detecting and remediating any threats – all before granting access to any user or device. Significantly, this all happens instantaneously without interrupting the user experience, whilst ensuring the business is in complete control of data as it flows across apps, devices, networks and cloud services.

Your device is your ID

With a user’s device becoming their secure ID, the need for passwords is eliminated whilst ensuring access to business information is more secure and simple. As a result, data is protected whilst mobile users have the freedom and flexibility to be productive for mobile working.

The four-step process

What powers MobileIron’s zero-trust, mobile-centric solution?

  • MobileIron UEM – Provides visibility and IT control required to secure, manage and monitor all corporate and BYO devices, or desktop which accesses any business-critical data. A vast range of employee devices can be secure and managed throughout their entire lifecycle.
  • Mobile Threat Defence – Built-in threat detection and remediation protects devices without the need for Internet connectivity or concerns about user adoption – essential as hackers develop ever-increasing attacks on mobile devices and apps.
  • MobileIron Access – Seamless, conditional access is achieved through a combination of passwordless single sign-on (SSO) and multi-factor authentication (MFA). Ensuring only those authorised can access and share corporate data from any device, OS or location to any services supports a zero-trust framework.

An enhanced experience

  • Simple device on-boarding and automatic configuration means no lengthy employee set up guides for users to struggle through.
  • Passwordless access – eliminates the need to remember password.
  • Continuous on-device threat detection – users are not required to take any action
  • Intuitive remediation workflows – non-compliant devices are easily fixed without the need for helpdesk involvement

The MobileIron solution is embraced by both users for the seamless experience it allows, and by IT due to its easy implementation and the dramatic reduction in help-ticket requests.


The MobileIron solution is embraced by both users for the seamless experience it allows, and by IT due to its easy implementation and the dramatic reduction in help-ticket requests.



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Mobliciti can provide you with this zero-trust, mobile-centric framework that allows you to confidently adopt mobile and cloud technologies whilst driving productivity and reducing your risk of data breaches. We can offer full Cloud Security solutions that protect your data beyond the perimeter.
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