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Transform Your Approach to Mobile Device Management

The intent of Mobile Device Management (MDM) is to optimise the functionality and security of mobile devices within the enterprise while simultaneously protecting the corporate network.

However, mobile devices are no longer disposable items, they are more expensive than laptops and often contain higher levels of confidential personal and business data.

Mobile devices are getting more complex and costly to support 

This whitepaper uses the lifecycle framework to manage the elements associated with mobile devices and reviews how organisations can reduce their total cost of ownership (TCO) when it comes to supporting their devices.

As mobile users increasingly demand the ability to use their own devices for everything personal and work-related, IT is quickly losing control over end-user technology decisions. Especially in terms of a business’s IT team who are being asked to support a growing of business including, BYOD tablets and smartphones. Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) incorporates MDM, a comprehensive solution that helps organisation to support a multi-OS environment that allows employees to used their preferred devices to access corporate apps and data whilst meeting critical security and compliance requirements.

The Key Elements of Mobile Device Lifecycle Management

  1. Sourcing – which devices to deploy, and where to source them from.
  2. Finance– how to pay for devices, and whether to own or lease them.
  3. Security –applying the right balance of mobile device management and threat prevention.
  4. Staging – preparation of devices for end-users.
  5. Repairs & Insurance – in-life support and management of repair processes.
  6. Disposal & Recycling – ensuring end-of-life device wiping, and attaining residual value on the device.



Mobile device lifecycle management is a rapidly-evolving challenge for businesses. However, approached strategically it’s possible to reduce the impact on your IT team and optimise long-term expenditure in the process.

Mobliciti specialises in supporting businesses in procurement and the management of an organisations mobile fleet. To find out how we can help your business manage a more efficient mobile device lifecycle get in touch.