Brown’s Bytes – Is Mobile Threat Defense (MTD) a solution looking for a problem?

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29th March 2019

In a traditional desktop OS environment, our PCs need to have some sort of protection installed to secure the device against viruses and malware attacks. In the event of a virus infecting a device, it is able to access files on the local disk and in the case of ransomware, encrypt files so that the user is unable to access them. This undoubtedly can result in pretty catastrophic consequences!

But what happens when it comes to mobile devices?

Mobile OS is architected differently from the traditional desktop OSes, as each app is sandboxed from other apps, meaning that they only have access to their own sandbox. Generally, to break out of the app sandbox in a properly configured device, one must compromise the security of the underlying OS, usually by jailbreaking or rooting the device manually or through the installation of a malicious app.

So, if you have ensured that your mobile estate has jailbreak/root detection and blocks installing apps on your mobile devices, are you secure? What about if you have ensured that you have a secure container for all of your corporate data?

Simply put, no! The threats to mobile devices are increasing every day.

These include:

Phishing – SMS, LinkedIn, WhatsApp, etc.
Malware – Malicious apps
iOS Malicious Profiles
Command & Control Apps – Remote device control
Network Attacks – Man in the Middle, etc.
Cryptojacking – CPU cycle hijacking
Data leaks – insecure data transfer

2018 saw threats grow in sophistication, with 32,846 malware incidents and 31.6 million data leaks. If you’re curious in reading more about the mobile threat landscape, discover more here.

It’s often a case of the enterprise expecting to make very few adaptations from their traditional desktop security to their mobile security. However, traditional protection does not sufficiently secure your mobile against these threats, so you need a solution designed to cover these and much more.

To understand more about MTD and how to secure your mobile estate, get in touch.