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Mobliciti announces partnership with NetMotion

Mobliciti Announces Partnership with NetMotion

Mobliciti is proud to announce a new partnership with NetMotion, who develop software for organisations with mobile workforces – allowing them to manage, optimise, accelerate and secure traffic to mobile devices.

“With organisations accessing data and services in both Cloud and On-Premise datacentres, for some time to come, it is important to ensure VPN technology fits with this change. NetMotion is simply the best VPN solution on the market that fits perfectly with this world. Our decision to partner with NetMotion to extend our services was further consolidated with deployment of the technology into a number of Law Firms including one of the Magic Circle as a replacement of Microsoft DirectAccess.”

Andy Brown, Mobliciti CTO explains why NetMotion is such an important addition to the Mobliciti portfolio

What does NetMotion do?

NetMotion Software accelerates business-critical applications, hybrid networks and mobile devices. Thousands of enterprises around the world depend on their products and solutions to deliver application performance management, traffic optimisation, adaptive policy control and secure enterprise remote access for their mobile workforces.

NetMotion’s Focus

NetMotion Mobile IQ®

With the increasing dependence on mobile networks, IT teams that manage enterprise mobility deployments must understand how performance, data costs and security threats impact the organisation’s ability to serve customers.

Mobile IQ dashboards reveal broad measures and visualisations of enterprise mobility performance. From here, drill-down capability allows NOC, operations and security teams to investigate issues with classes of devices, carriers, networks, applications or access points, and isolate comprehensive details specific to individual users or devices. The underlying data is time and location-stamped, for interrogating what happened during specific time windows and mapping where events or issues occurred.

NetMotion Diagnostics®

With zero visibility outside the firewall, IT departments find that problems with mobile devices are notoriously difficult to diagnose. NetMotion Diagnostics® reveals the root cause of connectivity-related problems, whether on the mobile device, GPS unit, corporate servers, or across any of the private or public networks being used. It dramatically speeds resolution of issues with remote devices to ensure mobile users stay productive.

NetMotion Mobility®

Today’s enterprises are highly dependent on mobile networks for access to critical applications. But network performance directly impacts application performance, leading to skyrocketing helpdesk costs. NetMotion Mobility® mobile VPN software maintains resilient, reliable connections and optimises performance through the most challenging wireless-network conditions. The result? Seamless use of mobile networks and applications for mobile workers, and better experiences for the customers they serve.

Why Choose NetMotion?

Most workers now get their job done somewhere other than behind a desk, but the experience of working remotely is often awful. NetMotion is designed to improve that experience and make your mobile workers more productive.

Where do Mobliciti come in?

Mobliciti are now able to provide powerful visualisation, analytics and alerting platform for mobile deployments.

Mobliciti want to arm your business with unprecedented visibility into operations on mobile networks outside the corporate firewall – all wrapped in an award-winning managed service.

Get in touch to find out how Mobliciti and NetMotion can benefit your business.