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Mobliciti Auth

Mobliciti Auth – Adaptive Multi-Factor Authentication

We live in a world today where attackers are increasingly figuring out ways around traditional authentication software methods, putting organisations at risk. To proactively address this challenge, organisations need adaptive authentication or risk-based authentication over standard two-factor authentication (2FA) or multi-factor authentication (MFA). Mobliciti Auth has been designed to keep businesses safe in an ever-changing threat landscape. 

2FA is not enough

2FA is a commonly used security measure which many businesses see as a ‘step-up’ from the traditional username and password combination. Whilst it does enhance security, there are a multitude of weaknesses. Each different 2FA option, from SMS to physical tokens can be exploited, putting companies and their data at risk.
MFA is another step in the right direction, but with it comes a consistently poor user experience.

The Future is Mobliciti Auth

Mobliciti Auth enables businesses to embrace Adaptive MFA, with Mobliciti’s exclusive Adaptive Multi-Factor Authentication service, powered and approved by SecureAuth technology. It allows enterprise firms to implement a more secure authentication platform without disrupting user experience or adding to the cost & complexity associated with an on-premise deployment.

The benefits:

  • Two-Factor Authentication Replacement
  • Multi-Factor Authentication Upgrade
  • Low-cost entry pricing
  • Fully hosted
  • Central identity platform for any cloud or on-premise solution