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Mobliciti’s VIEW 2019 - Journey to the cloud with Fidelity

Mobliciti’s VIEW 2019 – Save The Date

The 9th Annual Enterprise Mobility & Cloud Conference

08:30 – 14:00 | 13th Nov 19

London Stock Exchange, 10 Paternoster Square, London EC4M 7LS

Mobile & Cloud are at the heart of any modern workplace and ensuring you remain up to date with the latest trends and developments in these areas will provide you with what you need to stay competitive.

Join over 100 of your industry peers to learn about the future of mobile and cloud and how you can embrace it to further maximise your investments.

Topics to include:

  • Why Mobile Is Much More Than Just Emails & Contacts
  • Predictions For 2020 In The Worlds Of Mobility And Cloud
  • How To Utilise A Joined-Up Approach To Manage Your Mobile Contracts 
  • Creating A Passwordless Future
  • Managing And Securing The Cloud The Smart Way
  • Keeping Your Business Safe From The Next Wave Of Cyber-Attacks

*topics subject to change 

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