Office 365

Office 365 Could Be Making Your Business Vulnerable to Attacks

In recent years, Office 365 has become one of the leading cloud-based business applications with over 85 million users worldwide. It’s easy to understand why Office 365 is the most widely used cloud service in the world: applications are constantly updated, it’s easy-to-use, and comes at a relatively low cost. Unsurprisingly, this popularity makes Office 365 a prime target for attackers.

Key Stats


of sensitive data in the cloud is stored in Office documents

+ 71.4% have at least one compromised account each month.

+ 57.1 have at least one insider threat each month.

+ 45.9% have at least one privileged user threat each month

It's Simple: Office 365 Needs Better Protection And Fast!

Why you need to protect Office 365:

  • Office 365 (surpassed is the most popular cloud service in the world with over 85 million users since its introduction in October 2010
  • 58.4% of sensitive data in the cloud is stored in Microsoft office documents, making Office 365 an appealing target for attackers
  • Of the 80 billion messages sent to Office 365 inboxes a month, 55 billion are spam/bulk emails and over 20 million contain malware or phishing messages that could cause a data breach
  • Cloud adoption and risk report by SkyHigh Networks reveals that nearly all corporate Office 365 users (93.5%) have at least one insider threat per month, and more than half (57.5%) have at least one privileged user threat

Consider What's At Stake

  • Your company’s bottom line: The average cost of a breach in 2019 is $3.92 million
  • Your company’s reputation: After a breach, how likely are customers to stay and new prospects to come?
  • Your continued revenue: Will your customers leave for a competitor they perceive to be safer or more responsible?
  • Your information: The median time from compromise to discovery in 2016 was 99 days leaving plenty of time for attackers to damage or steal your assets
  • Your job: A breach could cost you and your team their jobs

Traditional Passwords & Even Basic Two-Factor Authentication For Office 365 Are Not Enough To Protect Your Corporate Data From Increasingly Sophisticated Cyber Attacks

  • Organisations and analysts have recognised for some time that the password alone is no longer effective at protecting resources
  • Valid credentials are so easy to steal and it’s likely that some of your users’ passwords are available for sale on the dark web already!
  • While 99% of decision-makers feel 2FA gives them the protection required to prevent breaches, it can be circumvented, and attackers are continuously evolving and finding new ways to beat it

Where Does SecureAuth Come In?

Multi-factor and adaptive authentication are based on the simple idea that the more layers of security you have, the more difficult you make it for attackers to gain a foothold in your network.

Only SecureAuth adaptive authentication for Office 365 combines multi-factor authentication with risk-analysis including geo-location, device recognition, IP address threat service and phone fraud prevention- offering complete protection no matter how your users access Office 365.

Why SecureAuth?

1. Raise security without causing multiple user disruptions

  •  Unlike other vendors, SecureAuth analyses multiple pre-authentication   risk and contextual factors to determine the legitimacy of every access   attempt and have more risk checks than any other vendor.
  •  Factors like location, IP address, device, account type, and behaviour allow SecureAuth to only require a 2FA step if a risk is present. This   reduces the number of 2FA disruptions for legitimate users and raises protection to levels that deny access even if attackers have stolen credentials.
2. Reduce IT burden and increase user productivity with self-service tools
  • Unlike many vendors, SecureAuth offer user self-service tools which help to decrease reliance on and cost of IT personnel with password resets, account unlocking, updating personal information, and 2FA device enrolment
  • Self-service tools save time and keep users productive longer

3. Empower your SOC team, decrease threat detection time, and reduce dwell time of a compromise

  • Our multi-layered pre-authentication risk analysis yields high fidelity authentication data that other vendors cannot provide
  • From threat data on infrastructure used as previous attack motivation (cybercrime, espionage, hacktivism) to phone number data (carrier, phone type, ported status) to geographic location anomalies and device differences, we tell you why, and share this and other threat data with leading SIEMs so it can be correlated with other threat data to decrease detection and incident response time.

High Reward

  • Most comprehensive protection for access from any device, for any user
  • Customise the level of risk you’re comfortable with depending on different users or groups
  • More risk checks than any other vendor
  • Built using industry-leading, standards-based technologies
  • Works with all Office 365 clients including legacy Microsoft outlook and third-party clients, such as Apple mail
  • Supports nearly 30 authentication methods
  • The ability to select authentication methods
  • The largest MFA and adaptive authentication options for Office 365
  • Ties into existing infrastructure
  • One-time authentication for multiple system access through single sign on (SSO)
  • Streamlines user experience
  • Passwordless capabilities to stop inconveniencing users and burdening the help desk for resets and account unlocks


  • Office 365 needs strong protection
  • Traditional passwords and even basic two-factor authentication for Office 365 is not enough to protect from increasingly sophisticated cyberattacks
  • To protect the increasing amounts of valuable and sensitive data you store in Office 365, you need adaptive authentication
  • Unfortunately, older Office 365 clients and many third-party solutions support only username and password authentication, leaving organisations that rely on those clients at risk
  • Although recently released Office 365 clients support multi-factor and adaptive authentication, they can’t match the security and convenience that SecureAuth delivers
  • When it comes to Office 365 security, you don’t have to compromise. With SecureAuth, you get strong security and a seamless user experience.

For more information about how you can implement adaptive authentication from SecureAuth to secure your corporate Office 365, get in touch.