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Redesigning Wi-Fi at Design Bridge - Mobliciti Case Study

Redesigning Wi-Fi at Design Bridge

Customer Profile

Design Bridge is an award-winning brand design agency, founded in 1986. Approximately 400 people globally work for Design Bridge across 5 countries and offices in Amsterdam, Singapore, New York and London.

Purpose of Implementation

  • To replace ageing and slow Wi-Fi

Case Study

Redesigning Wi-Fi at Design Bridge

Prior to working with Mobliciti, Design Bridge’s London office was struggling hugely with Wi-Fi issues. Initial installation by a previous company in 2011 was far from smooth sailing, with Design Bridge finding themselves to be very dependent on said company’s engineers. It took 3 months for their Wi-Fi to be fully operational, whilst issues which arose afterwards were not fixed in a timely manner. They found their slow Wi-Fi to be limiting to their work.

When the time came to update their end-of-line devices, Design Bridge turned to Mobliciti to implement new Wi-Fi in the London office, having previously purchased their New York office access points from Mobliciti.

"Mobliciti specialise in mobility and you have the knowledge in those areas which other resellers don’t have, it’s not their specialist area. It appealed to me that they understand the challenges people have with mobile and Wi-Fi solutions."

With Aerohive Wi-Fi already operating in their other offices, it seemed a natural step to install it in the London office. Prior to upgrading from the previous supplier, they looked at the performance disparity between wired and wireless, with the London office’s wired connection found to be, at times, up to 10x quicker but other offices already using Aerohive, showed a comparable performance between the two.

Seamless switchover

In October 2018, Mobliciti were able to visit Design Bridge over a single weekend, replacing 14 access points. This switchover was executed seamlessly, with no one noticing an issue with migration and installation. ​

“It’s amazing how often that you do projects, and something will go wrong, this was just seamless. I don’t think you can get better than that, 10/10 for delivery”

Freedom to work

Since deploying Aerohive, employees have noticed a distinct improvement. Rather than constantly halting due to connectivity issues, employees are able to work without trouble.

With the success of the Aerohive deployment, Design Bridge is looking forward with the view of engaging Mobliciti with Enterprise Mobility Management in the future.

“We like that Mobliciti understand and will help us deliver the best performance possible”

About Us


About Mobliciti

Mobliciti enables organisations to Procure, Connect, Secure & Manage their mobile devices, empowering innovation, increasing user productivity and controlling costs, without exposing corporate data to increasingly frequent cyber-attacks. We provide IT Mobility & Cloud Access Security using innovative technologies delivered through our range of Fully Managed Services.

By outsourcing the management of business critical mobile and cloud solutions, we reduce the cost of running and supporting these services, allowing customers to refocus resources on more strategic initiatives.

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About Aerohive

Aerohive uses Cloud Management, Machine Learning, and Artificial Intelligence to radically simplify and secure the Access Network. 

Credited with pioneering Controller-less Wi-Fi and Cloud-Managed Networking, Aerohive delivers continuous innovation at Cloud-speed that constantly challenges the industry norm, allowing customers to rethink what’s possible. Their innovations and global cloud footprint radically simplify Access Network operation for 30,000+ customers and 10+ million daily users.