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Brown’s Bytes – Return of the Mac

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3rd May 2019

So, the news this week from Apple has been particularly interesting in relation to the release of their Q2 earnings.

Much of the media focused on the slowdown in sales of the iPhone – particularly in China, and the discounting of Apple kit going on in that market.

For me, this rather missed the point. We’ve been talking about this softening of iPhone demand for some time now on this blog.

More interesting items that need to be considered for the Enterprise are:

iPad revenue is up

It jumped more than 20% year-over-year, which is a massive leap back upwards. Not that long ago, we were questioning whether the iPad had a place in the market as phones got bigger and people used them instead. Well it seems the iPad is back! My hunch is this is due to the iPad Pro making inroads into the market. We’re also seeing this device more and more in the Enterprise now.

This trend may accelerate even further if the leaks are true and Mouse support is coming to the iPad later this year – that would really unlock the device further as a Laptop alternative.

Definitely one to watch!

Apple Watch is working

The Apple Wearables business would be the size of a Fortune 200 company if separate. Apple have quietly followed through with Apple Watch and it’s clearly working in the market…think about it. Out and about you see these devices more and more – and we’re also seeing them more and more being used in conjunction with a work device.

The Enterprise really needs to wake up to the demand and opportunity in this space now – as is always the case in the mobile market, where the consumer leads, the Enterprise has to follow!

Services Revenue is at an all-time high

Apple had traditionally been considered a premium hardware company – making their money from selling you an expensive device. There is a clear shift to also monetising the services you consume from your Apple device and bringing more of that spend into Apple vs it going elsewhere.

Again, this is consumer led, but one to consider for the future. Enterprises consume Apple Cloud services all the time when their users have an Apple device (iCloud backup, DEP enrolment etc) – and generally for free at present… definitely something to ponder!

Return of the Mac

One final point that we’re increasingly seeing is the re-emergence of Mac and in particular, the Macbook as a hardware option in the Enterprise.

These devices are being considered where businesses want to either offer a differentiator in the competitive market to attract talent, or to support what the user wants to get their job done – users are increasingly bringing their personal preferences into the workplace when it comes to OS and Device.

If that sounds familiar it’s because it is… this is another area where the Smartphone has shown the way the market it going.

Now it also shows us something very interesting about Mac too that we can see from iPhone today.

Mac is considered expensive – so is iPhone. But only if you look at the ticket price – with Apple Kit it is all about the residual value of the used kit also. Factor this into your calculations and suddenly Mac is very competitive vs traditional Windows laptops.

As the Enterprise shifts to Cloud services, it is also now much easier to support multiple operating systems at the Client end without the massive overheads of yesterday trying to integrate everything.

And just as with iPhone, we can help with this. We can deliver, support, manage and secure Macs in the Enterprise so this is something that can be easily offered as a device choice. Get in touch to find out more about this.

Not such a gloomy outlook for Apple after all!