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Bird & Bird

Set Your Partners Free Like Bird & Bird

Customer Profile

Bird & Bird is an international law firm with more than 1100 legal advisors, has 23 offices across Europe, the Middle East and Asia and clients based in 118 countries worldwide. Organised around key sectors since 1998, Bird & Bird provides world leading expertise in markets where technology, regulation and intangible assets are driving change.

Purpose of Implementation

  • Maintain real-time visibility into the mobile devices partners are using around the world
  • Enforce corporate security policies on corporate-issued and employee owned iOS and Android devices
  • Let partners check email, record time, and access documents securely while on the go
  • Allow IT to disable and wipe data from lost or stolen devices by logging onto a control panel through any browser

"The greatest benefit of MobileIron is the control we’ve gained over our corporate issued devices. MobileIron gives us deep visibility into where our devices are and what they’re doing. That’s extremely valuable to us."

Jon Spencer, Infrastructure Manager, Bird & Bird

Case Study

Bird & Bird Sets Partners Free With MobileIron Solutions

As part of its proactive approach towards deploying iPad’s, Bird & Bird worked with its technology partner, Mobliciti, to implement the MobileIron platform. Bird & Bird now uses MobileIron to manage corporate-issued and employee-owned iOS and Android devices across nine offices throughout Europe and Scandinavia. Thanks to MobileIron, the firm’s IT staff maintains a centralised view of all the mobile devices that partners are using to access the corporate network, and can wipe data from lost or stolen devices by logging onto MobileIron through any web browser.

International Firm Focuses On Partner Productivity

While many CIOs were adopting a “wait-and-see” attitude towards mobile devices in the workplace, Bird & Bird’s IT team recognised the immediate need for its partners to have the most powerful and user-friendly computing technology at their fingertips no matter where they are.

But before Bird & Bird could deploy any devices, the firm’s IT staff realised they would need a reliable way of ensuring that sensitive data on iPads wouldn’t fall into the wrong hands.

Boosting Security Without Disrupting iOS End-Users

Although Bird & Bird was already using Good Technology to secure some of its non-BlackBerry devices, the firm wanted to perform due diligence before selecting a platform to manage its iPad devices. Spencer turned to Bird & Bird’s technology partner, Mobliciti, for advice. Based on Mobliciti’s recommendations, Bird & Bird decided to evaluate MobileIron alongside Good Technology and another leading solution. The choice soon became clear.


Bird & Bird ran a 30-day trial to confirm its decision, then called on Mobliciti to implement MobileIron in early 2011. “The whole process with Mobliciti went extremely smoothly,” Spencer recalls. “It was easy to get help whenever we needed it—either remotely or onsite. Their support is excellent.”

IT Staff Wipes Data From Lost Devices - Anywhere, Anytime

Today, all Bird & Bird’s London-based partners use corporate-issued iPads secured by MobileIron.

They appreciate being able to answer email and record time on the go, and to access the firm’s documents securely via Citrix integration. Meanwhile, the firm’s IT staff can keep track of these devices through an intuitive control panel.

“The greatest benefit of MobileIron is the control we’ve gained over our corporate issued devices,” says Spencer. “Although it’s possible to establish basic control of devices with Microsoft ActiveSync, MobileIron gives us deep visibility into where our devices are and what they’re doing. That’s extremely valuable to us.”

As Bird & Bird issues iPads to its partners, the firm can rest assured that its sensitive data won’t fall into the wrong hands. “If a device is lost or stolen, our IT team can simply log onto MobileIron through a browser to wipe the data and disable the device,” says Spencer. “I wiped a handset just last week while I was working from home.”

Global Firm Maintains Centralised Control Over Devices

Buoyed by its early success with MobileIron in London, Bird & Bird’s IT team has since deployed additional MobileIron servers in Dusseldorf, Stockholm, and Paris. All in all, the firm now uses MobileIron to manage both corporate-issued and employee-owned iOS and Android mobile devices for partners in nine offices across Europe and Scandinavia.

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About Mobliciti

Mobliciti are at the very forefront of the Mobile IT evolution, enabling organisations to connect, enable, manage and secure mobile devices as they strive to become ‘Mobile First’. As an experienced Mobile IT System’s Integrator they deliver a comprehensive range of domestic and global services to Enterprise customers, including some of the UK’s largest organisations. Mobliciti only work with best in breed technology partners, delivering these solutions to customers through one contract,
one help-desk and one company allowing complete ownership and accountability.


About MobileIron

MobileIron stands out from other MDM vendors by providing expanded EMM capabilities to IT organisations that need to secure mobile devices, applications and content. The MobileIron Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) solution is a mobile security platform that secures data-at-rest on mobile devices, in applications, and in cloud storage, as well as data-in-motion as it moves between corporate networks, devices, and storage repositories.