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Device security without compromise and next generation identity management to drive adoption of cloud services

Millions of new cyber threats are created each year meaning that new feeds of threat data are coming into your organisation, and as they grow in sophistication and complexity, can you be sure your security can withstand them?

Mobile & cloud growth means that your data has left the building, meaning that the traditional security perimeter is vanishing. You need to approach security from a different angle, you need security that can protect cloud & mobile and data & identities.

Unified Endpoint Management -
The Foundation For A Secure Enterprise

Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) is a comprehensive solution that provides a single management interface for multi-OS environments, previously known as Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) and Mobile Device Management (MDM), it allows employees to use their preferred devices to access corporate apps and data while meeting critical security and compliance requirements. Our solutions can support:

  • Windows 10
  • iOS
  • Android
  • MacOS


Enable seamless and secure access to business apps and data on every endpoint in your organisation. Segregate business apps and data from personal apps and data on mobile devices. Secure mobile productivity apps including email, contacts, calendar, and tasks across multi-OS devices.


UEM improves data security by taking more information signals into account before granting access to business resources. It validates the device, establishes user context, checks app authorisation, verifies the network, and detects and mitigates threats before allowing access to critical resources.


Use forensics about your mobile infrastructure to proactively resolve performance issues before they impact the security of your data or end-user productivity.

Block Any Threat, On Any Device

Ensure your corporate and BYO devices are protected with a choice of Mobile Threat Defence (MTD) from Mobliciti. Our range of solutions protect both the user and the device on iOS, Android and Windows 10 from zero-day and the evolving threats of malware, phishing, man-in-the-middle attacks, crypto jacking and app & data leaks.


Protect against device, app, and network threats even when the device is offline.


Machine learning analyses deviations to device behaviour to identify attack types and classify zero-day attacks.


Once a device is compromised, stop attackers from exerting remote control and block the data from exfiltration.

Identity Is The New Perimeter

Increasingly, attackers are figuring out how to bypass many two-factor authentication methods. To ensure your business is protected, you need to protect the identities of those who work within it.

Our adaptive multi-factor authentication services offer unmatched security, ease-of-use and flexibility. The platform analyses multiple factors of your authentication request – device, location, IP address and behaviour – to determine the legitimacy of every login attempt and thwart attacks in process without impacting user experience.

  • 25+ multi-factor authentication options
  • Improve user experience and protect against password fatigue
  • Increase security without impacting usability
  • Tailor authentication process for different user types
  • Customise workflows to ensure appropriate security
  • Deploy your way – on-premise, cloud or hybrid

Internet Security That Protects At The Speed Of Cloud

Today’s internet threats are faster and stealthier than ever, making it more difficult to block them before they reach users. You need threat protection designed for cloud.


Full coverage of all internet threat vectors including web, email, and DNS.


Ability to block both known and unknown threats with zero-day protection


Comprehensive view of global traffic ranging across geographies, languages, and protocols.


Leverage big data analytics, AI, and machine learning to identify even the most evasive threats.

Smart Cloud Security For The Modern Workplace

Users access cloud services from everywhere and across all types of device. Usage is often less risky when they are in the office but what about when they are remote? Without access control software, allowing users unfettered access to cloud services and risky websites can expose your organisation to cloud threats, and those threats are amplified when your sensitive data is involved.

To ensure your users remain secure wherever they are and on whatever device they are using, implementing granular cloud & web access control enables you to stay in control.

  • Enforce policies across all cloud services and websites based on identity, service, activity, and data
  • Protect sensitive data with comprehensive data loss prevention (DLP)
  • Mix and match policy elements to carve out risk without blocking services
  • See traffic from sanctioned or unsanctioned services and web
  • Gain visibility whether users are on-premise or remote
  • Cover browsers, sync clients, and mobile apps
  • Set conditional cloud access control policies based not only on user, location, service, activity, and content, but also device type, classification, operating system, and access method.
  • Control what activities may be performed across SaaS, IaaS, and web based on context, and differentiate between corporate and personal instances of the same service for employee privacy

Our Managed Services remove operational pain whilst freeing up your teams to innovate and align with your business