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Take Control of Your Mobile Spend

Mobile budgets have always been challenging for businesses to control. Unlike most IT expenditure, mobile costs are highly sensitive to end user behaviour, and controlling that behaviour is complex and resource intensive. The way we use our mobiles varies dramatically from user to user, and with the advent of smartphones it’s extremely difficult to draw clear boundaries between personal and business consumption. Smartphones also bring more technical complexity and with this new security and support challenges – none of which are going to disappear anytime soon.

At Mobliciti, we are seeing a convergence of four significant mobile challenges that are impacting mid-market and enterprise businesses. These challenges are set to drive up business mobile costs if not addressed:

  • Increasing mobile device costs – that can no longer be funded by mobile network tech funds
  • Increasing data consumption – driving greater management challenges and increased airtime costs
  • BYOD programmes failing to deliver expected savings – driven by higher support costs coupled with lower adoption rates than expected
  • Increasing mobile security, data leakage and compliance risks – leading to increased pressure to provide and support corporate devices, especially in regulated markets

This white paper takes a detailed look at the budgetary impact of these issues and provides insights into best practice approaches that your business can implement to regain control of your mobile budget.

Download it and discover:

  1. How mobile network “tech funds” and inappropriate contracts are having a significant and often hidden impact on your budget and ability to control costs
  2. The most common ways that your users are inadvertently contributing to your mobile budget challenges, with a specific focus on mobile data management.
  3. How your business can negotiate more effective mobile contracts that will provide you with the flexibility to adapt to future changes.
  4. The evolving mobile device market including alternative device procurement models to independently finance smartphones and tablets.