Mobile Threat

The Mobile Threat is REAL!

Written by: Shane Taylor, CEO at Mobliciti

Recently one of our strategic security partners, ITC Secure Networking, blogged regarding exploits to Apple devices and the recent 9.2.1 iOS update which fixes a long standing issue on iOS devices.

Furthermore, the blog also talks about important security updates for versions 10.9-10.11 of Mavericks, Yosemite and El Capitan meaning that it’s not simply smart phones that are at risk but MacBooks too going against tradition of because it’s Apple we don’t need to worry!

For the past couple of years now I’ve sat in front of customers and talked about what the threat is to mobile, especially Apple, and whilst a handful of our clients implemented our Mobile Threat Management (MTM) Managed Services, for the majority the general consensus has been the threat is low and that no budget has been made available.

This has always surprised me as most customers invest a significant proportion of their IT budgets into core security so why leave your mobile estate as a soft target?  It’s like locking the gates of the castle without stopping people climbing over the walls!

Fast forward through a turbulent 2015 we saw a number of security exploits including many on mobile such as CardCrypt, XcodeGhost and Stagefrieght 2.0, and whilst not a mobile exploit, there would be a very high price to pay if you encounter a ‘Talk Talk incident’. This is exactly why we think now is the time to take mobile security as seriously as you do core infrastructure.

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