Brown’s Bytes – Urgent – Patch WhatsApp!

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14th May 2019

For a long time now we’ve been banging the drum about the need for Mobile Threat Detection (MTD) solutions on devices. The news today about the vulnerability in WhatsApp should be a wake-up call for everyone to get on top of this now.

First of all, a vulnerability in WhatsApp is about as serious as it gets. Pretty much every phone has it installed these days…

Details are still emerging, but a vulnerability across Android and iOS is also very significant. Clearly the first order of business is to check the patched version is deployed to all devices. I’d also recommend reading up on CVE-2019-3568.

Once that is dealt with then you really need to look at what the payload for these kinds of attacks could have been. Much hype in the news about this, but as we’ve said for years there is potential for this to compromise chat, contact, voice & camera. That’s about as bad as it gets.

Once a device is compromised in this manner then you really need something to detect this and to help control the compromise. This is precisely what MTD is for….

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