Mobliciti's VIEW

The 7th Annual Enterprise Mobility
& Cloud Conference

9th November 2017
The Shard, London

Mobliciti held VIEW, the 7th Annual Enterprise Mobility & Cloud Conference at The Shard on the 9th November 2017. Today, Mobility & Cloud transformation represents one of the biggest opportunities and biggest threats to enterprise. This reality made the 2017 event the most compelling yet for Mobile & Cloud IT Professionals. 

The 2017 conference allowed delegates to gain a unique view of the market’s position and an understanding of which technologies our experts believe will prevail and those that will fail.  





CTO View: Whats driving today’s requirements in mobile & cloud?

Andy Brown provided some vital answers regarding the current state of mobile.

  • Most customers have deployed iPhone’s in the enterprise, however there are small pockets of Android usage.
  • The iPad was expected to become a main player within the enterprise, but the surface pro seems to work better and be more favoured highly.
  • The killer use case for mobile in 2018 is Mail, Calendar and Contacts.
  • Is the iPhone X really worth the money? Customers don’t trust faceID and the backwards compatibility is a controversial addition, the iPhone 8 appears to be a better fit.
  • Identity is the new security perimeter. Identity is the controlling factor of cloud, if you secure the log in process then you can stop bad guys before they get in.


Mobile Device & Airtime Management Specialist

The Death of the Tech Fund?

In an age where device and data costs are increasing the tech fund seems invaluable, however it draws you in under the false pretence of providing free devices when in fact it ties you into very inflexible and expensive terms.

  • Mobile data consumption will drive future airtime costs, by 2021 it is predicted that there will be a 7-fold increase in data consumption.
  • Poor data usage visibility, inappropriate contracts and tariffs prevent proactive control for employers.
  • Increasing mobile data consumption has led to employees consuming their entire company’s data in one click due to multi GB of data per second download speed
  • Mobile device prices are on an upward trend, with many organisation’s adopting iPhone’s and apple DEP and iPhone users are very loyal with a 92% retention rate.
  • The truth about the tech fund lies in the hidden aspects, the networks apply large tariff mark up’s that impact all mobile expenditure, they apply high minimum spend, term and connection commitments and they keep applying these charges long after the tech fund has been paid for. This leaves customers locked into long-term excess costs, with limited ability to reduce or optimise costs.
  • Consider alternative device purchasing models, for instance leasing, certified pre-owned or premium used devices.
  • Separating airtime and device purchasing delivers significant benefits, such as no hidden costs, flexibility to rapidly adapt to business change and creates greater clarity on real spend whilst simplifying budgeting.


Cloud View: Identity’s Vital Role in Cyber Defence
  • Think like an attacker, use attack path analysis and model how an attacker would move through your network to discover which vulnerabilities need fixing.
  • 81% of hacking related breaches leveraged either stolen and/or weak passwords.
  • It is not enough to just secure the end point, you need to secure the way you log in, this is where identity access management comes into play. If you can successfully secure your front door then there is less risk that hackers will gain access.
  • As well as needing to protect data and privacy information for GDPR, with increasing numbers of breaches you also need to protect the process.
  • You need situational awareness, the ability to identify, process and comprehend the critical elements of information about what is happening to the team with regards to the mission. Simply, it is knowing what’s going on around you.
  • Adaptive authentication is a doorman and learns and adapts over time.


Product Manager
Sandblast Mobile & Check Point
Security View: Evolution of Mobile Security Strategy
  • Gooligan was the most expensive attack to break Google accounts, precisely 1.3 million google accounts breached, this is the largest breach ever. The attack exposed; messages, documents, and sensitive data from google accounts.
  • 800 of these breached accounts were enterprise account’s, allowing hackers access to business data.
  • BankBot malware successfully got into the google play store on 6 separate occasions, targeting 33 banks across Europe including Spain, France, Turkey and more.
  • BankBot was prevalent for android devices, it intercepted SMS messages which then were used to overlay windows to trick users into entering their banking credentials and payment information thus gaining access to sensitive information.
  • iOS is very popular in the enterprise, while malware isn’t prevalent in iOS due to apple store requirements, they are however still vulnerable to other attack vectors.
  • The danger is a single malware infrastructure can attack many different devices, Android, iOS and Mac.
  • 100% of all organisations are infected with mobile malware. It takes only one breached device in an enterprise for cybercriminals to steal personal and business data and access corporate networks.


VP Marketing
Mobile Control View: What are your mobile users up to?
  • In 2016 more web traffic traveled over mobiles than desktops
  • Mobility is expensive, understanding business versus personal usage on mobile devices is hard, for instance 54% of all activity on corporate devices is spent on personal apps.
  • Mobile bills are increasingly unpredictable, 86% of mobile data usage is growing by almost double each year.
  • Roaming and data hungry services are driving up costs, more than 3 quarters of data plans are used by less than one quarter of employees 75+%.
  • Things happen on corporate devices that you are unaware of, such as 1 in 7 users access gaming, adult or extreme sites weekly.
  • In addition, 1 in 25 apps leak sensitive credentials, 27% of devices have an outdated OS and 1 in 3 users access an insecure wi-fi hotspot weekly.
  • The killer app is the web browser, most of employee data and activity happens here. This means you need to know what apps are being used and installed but also what’s happening within the web browser.


Europe’s Top Ethical Hacker
The Puppet Master

We are starting to see organised business cyber-crime which is where office blocks are set up with the intentions of hacking to steal information from 3rd party companies.

  • Data is believed to be more valuable than currency, organisations need to educate users as well as implementing sophisticated security protocol.


Research Manager
EMEA Enterprise Mobility IDC
Analyst View: Securing Your Mobile Workforce at the Speed of Business
  • Data privacy must be by default and by design, data privacy and security need to be in the forefront of people’s minds rather than an afterthought
  • It is very difficult to ensure the removal of shadow it because if employees cannot access content they want to then they often break compliance rules.
  • Enterprises need to adopt an integrated security approach, a multi-layered mobile security solution that can detect respond to and prevent both current and future threats.
  • Highly skilled mobility professionals are difficult to hire, yet the regulatory environment gets more and more complex, therefore businesses need to seek help from trusted partners.