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Mobliciti's VIEW

The 8th Annual Enterprise Mobility
& Cloud Conference

22nd November 2018

Landing Forty Two,
The Leadenhall Building


Mobility & Cloud are driving Digital Transformation, and as companies struggle to keep up, often the day-to-day IT tasks fall to the wayside. So, how can IT become more efficient, increase security and better align to their businesses, all whilst still keeping the lights on?

Experts and over 100 industry peers joined us at Mobliciti’s 8th Annual Mobility & Cloud Conference: VIEW to discover how new approaches and the latest developments in the worlds of Mobile and Cloud can help your business innovate and be more agile.

Taking place on 22nd November at Landing Forty Two, The Leadenhall Building, it delivered essential ideas for digital transformation strategy.




CTO, Mobliciti: Mobile Is The Signpost To The Future

  • Mobile made IT rethink and redesign their strategy, with traditional applications, tools and controls no longer working
  • A new approach to security is required as mobile updates and patches are the new way of updating devices.
  • Mobile and cloud have forced IT’s hand, making them rethink and reshape their strategy.
  • Although the mobile budget is exploding at the moment, businesses need to learn how to do more with devices and redesign the workflow


VP of Enterprise Research, CCS Insights: Key Directions In Enterprise Mobility And Digital Workplace

  • Apps can play a key part in the workplace, with 41% of employees saying business apps are already changing the way they work. However, 36% feel IT is out of touch with their workplace technology needs.
  • Network security, device security and connectivity are the top priority within a business for IT investment
  • Major operating systems are slowly becoming more integrated, increasing compatibility between systems.
  • Digital workplace and cloud working are here at a grassroots level, with companies looking at workplace transformation as key pillars for success.
  • More companies want a managed-service and help with infrastructure, allowing them to focus on the user-experience.


Mobile Device & Airtime Management Specialist, Mobliciti: Managing Mobile Data Usage in A 5G World

  • Faster networks (5G), social media, streaming and cloud services all pose a problem for businesses as they all drive data growth. It’s estimated that by 2022, data consumption will be 20Gb each, of which 7Gb will be corporate.
  • Tackling the impact of increasing data:
  • Negotiate the right mobile contract
  • Implement a mobile data fair-usage policy
  • Educate users and building awareness
  • Inventory management and inactive services
  • Cost centre/ departmental awareness
  • Mobliciti can provide proactively managed services, finding the right policy for your business.


EMEA Sales Director, SecureAuth: Identity Management In A Digital World

  • Digital transformation can change the way we work but there are many challenges that come with it, as businesses have multiple users with different security classifications.
  • Identity is the new perimeter – previously it was the device and infrastructure, this method has failed and is now outdated.
  • SecureAuth’s Identity Security Automation can use identity to enrich security and reducing the time it takes for a breach to be recognised.


Product Manager, Check Point: Preparing Your Business For Cyber Attacks

  • Over the last decade, mobile freedom has been introduced into the workplace
  • 97% of the enterprise are not protected for Generation V cyber-attacks (multi-vector attacks which include network, cloud and mobile)
  • Companies need to focus on real-time threat prevention technologies (not just threat-detection) to protect the workplace.
  • Shared threat intelligence – cloud, data-centres and mobile all need to communicate potential threats with each other
  • Mobile is unregulated and as an organisation this cannot be controlled. Check Point blocks applications and requests on the device itself not through a proxy due to privacy concerns.


VP Sales & BD, Wandera: Device Centric Security Strategies For The Modern Work Place

  • Organisations now need to assess trust and access rights based on device and user credentials, whereas previously it was based on physical location, as users are more flexible with where they work.
  • 57% of all corporate internet traffic is from mobile devices which can result in the following risks:
  • Bill shock
  • Unapproved usage
  • Shadow IT
  • Insecure apps
  • Wandera can provide deep traffic analysis, usage breakdown of a network and context awareness


Global Director of Sales Engineering, Cyren: Tackling Modern Security Challenges With Cloud-Delivered Security

  • Cyren oversees 25 billion internet transactions daily from 1.3 billion users. Of this, 300 million discreet threats are blocked.
  • Since 2017, phishing has overtaken ransomware as the most prevalent attack, due to it having a much higher return potential. The average time for a phishing campaign to be active is usually 9 hours, meaning security can struggle to find it within this time and create a block-rule.
  • Current security awareness training is flawed. Businesses are making their users the first and last line of defence. However, with an average of 4% of people clicking on any given phishing campaign, today’s solutions leave gaps.
  • Cyren Anti-Phishing provides an extra layer of security, detecting advanced attacks and providing user awareness training.


Investigative Journalist: Eyes On The Phone, Head In The Cloud: Risk And Reward In The Mobile Landscape

  • Statistics reveal hackers haven’t risen the wave of mobile success through malware and viruses as many suggest.
  • The mobile revolution hasn’t given hackers new ways into the software and hardware, instead it has given the opportunity to access users
  • We are currently in an ‘Information War’, with people no longer just people hacking for monetary gain
  • If you want people to embrace mobile devices, they need to trust what they’re seeing on the screen and the companies behind it.


Global Head of Infrastructure, Schroders : The Customer Experience: Enabling Employees

  • Schroders have just undertaken a 3-year digital transformation. It was essential to push the transformation whilst at the same time making technology easy for users.
  • Their digital transformation includes:
  • Collaboration – users can talk to any other user across any platform
  • Their own platform S3 – Allows seamless roaming, agile-working, any device at any time
  • Intelligent building – over 30,000 sensors allow users to control the environment around them
  • User productivity and experience have increased


Martin Veitch – Editorial Director, IDG Connect, Andy Brown – CTO, Mobliciti, David Critchley – Regional Director, MobileIron, David Arnold – Distinguished Solutions Architect, Blackberry

  • Businesses still aren’t using mobile devices to their full potential; many users still use corporate phones for the most basic functions
  • Mobile teams within a business are still very small in contrast to the number of tasks they’re expected to achieve. Digital transformation may be slow because no one has the budget to transform securely.
  • BYOD solves some business problems but does not work from a cost-saving perspective and raises questions about data security.
  • Consolidation is likely to start happening between security vendors, with companies incorporating a number of solutions under their umbrella.


CTO, Mobliciti: Transforming Your Business While Keeping The Lights On

  • Contract flexibility is key as exponential data usage is anticipated.
  • Within the next 3 years, windows and mobile management will likely converge, with Microsoft driving the market.
  • Mobile cyberattacks are focused on the user not the OS – it’s easier to target a person rather than write code to attack the OS.
  • Businesses can struggle to find the time to transform, with IT and mobile teams often not growing yet businesses needs are growing
  • Mobliciti can help take the pressure off a digital transformation through managed mobile, cloud security and managed wireless