Brown’s Bytes – Weather Forecast… Getting Very Cloudy With A Risk Of Storms

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15th March 2019

I’ve been fortunate to spend some time over the last couple of weeks meeting with a number of customers talking about security and how we can help them.

There is a very consistent theme starting to build from these meetings which is that there is now significant pressure to get to the Cloud for many organisations. Even in organisations that traditionally on the trailing edge, this is now very much on the agenda for 2019.

A number of drivers for this have converged and I thought it would be useful to look a bit more into these.

1. Microsoft Office 365

The poster child for cloud in many organisations. This is obviously something that we’ve been talking about before, but it is now very noticeable that many organisations are either moving or have moved to being fully Office 365 enabled.

2. New Software is Cloud First

An extension of Microsoft’s vision is seen across all software and solutions now being offered. If you are unable to use Cloud solutions, then the choice is getting extremely limited.

3. The Risks are now Manageable and Acceptable

Cloud is now getting signed off for use in organisations. In many cases this is despite the technology not actually having changed that much. The risk is now seen as acceptable because trust in cloud solutions has increased.

4. Your customers are not the barrier any more

Many organisations have previously been concerned about contractual clauses about where the customer’s data can reside. There is now appetite to challenge these more.

5. Staff expect it

A generation ago users were spoon fed their corporate IT solutions. This isn’t just a new generation coming through demanding stuff, but actually everyone doing so. Personal mobile and IT experience has exceeded corporate offerings and forced change.

6. If you started from scratch, there would be no “on prem” any more

This is now an accepted wisdom in the market no matter what sector the business is in.Combine all these and you really are seeing a step change in the way IT services are being consumed with some real benefits for companies once they reach cloud nirvana!

However, there are some definite storm clouds brewing.

The challenge is that the above is all talking about “above the waterline” cloud adoption. These are the services you know about.

So far nobody seems too concerned about the rest of the Iceberg. This is the classic shadow IT conundrum… if you know about the problem then you have to solve it!

Frankly this isn’t viable any more… it is pointless implementing security on the stuff you know about and then leaving a gap of Shadow IT where users are consuming products and services that are blinkered from view.

So far, I’ve only talked about SAAS solutions.

IAAS is probably even more fragmented … even before organisations have formed a formal IAAS policy.


Usually it’s the classic tale of a team of developers being brought in for a specific app or project. They’ve usually gone off and spun up cloud resources (could be anywhere, but often on AWS) without any real oversight or control of how this is done.

Over time the same problem then rears its head – IT departments don’t know what they’ve got out there!

The answer is to implement an effective cloud security solution that protects what you know about, provides a DLP solution for what you don’t know about and tell you exactly what you do have – regardless of whether that is SAAS or IAAS – then, tell you which of these are a worry.

We’ve got offerings that do precisely this. We can provide a complete security solution for beyond the traditional network perimeter that allows you to monitor, control and secure data effectively. I’d strongly suggest getting in touch to find out more – it really should be on the agenda for 2019.