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Webinar: Mist Learning WLAN On-Demand Demo

Mist Systems have combined the very latest in AI, cloud and wireless technology to put an end to mediocre Wi-Fi. Their AI-driven Wi-Fi learns as it goes and provides users with easy-to-digest analysis.

As a young company, Mist were able to see what the demands and capabilities of the IoT were and how to tailor these requirements to users. Now with over 300 major customers, with many more under deployment, their expertise is making Wi-Fi a seamless experience.

Watch this 30-minute on-demand webinar to discover unique features of the Mist platform, including:

  • Wi-Fi assurance – Visibility into user experience, packet capture, automated event correlation
  • Marvis, the Virtual Network Assistant – Natural language queries and an automated helpdesk
  • Location services using Bluetooth™ LE
  • Demo showing the abilities of the platform