Adaptive Authentication

What is True Adaptive Authentication?

Technology has come a long way in the past few years, helping business productivity soar. Unfortunately, as technologies evolve, so do the possibilities for finding new ways of infiltrating organisations defences.

From cracking passwords to malware that captures keystrokes from an infected device, obtaining credentials is in every cyber-criminal’s toolbox. It doesn’t stop there; the risk of attack is growing, and your employees may be the cause of this growth. It only takes one member of staff to fall for a phishing scam or open a malicious attachment that allows attackers into your network. With the explosion of trends such as shadow IT and BYOD, managing and protecting your mobile devices has become increasingly complex. 

64% experienced spear phsihing

What Tactics Are Utilised in Breaches?

Breaches featuring hacking
Breaches involving malware
Breaches with errors as causal events
Breaches involving privilege misuse
Breaches involving physical actions

Finding An Effective Way To Protect The Security Of Your Users' Identity Is Vital For Your Business, But What Is The Answer?

What About Adaptive Authentication?

Adaptive Authentication provides additional security without impacting users. They efficiently identify and respond to high-risk logins, which trigger the correct security action. Using multiple threat/risk checks they determine whether to prompt users for multi-factor authentication, building on a broad set of inputs, such as networks, devices, geography and time. This builds a user profile to score the risk of new login attempts.

What Is SecureAuth True Adaptive Authentication?

Compared to other Identity & Access Management (IAM) solutions SecureAuth provides multi-layers of defence, but what’s different about that in comparison to other Adaptive Authentication providers?

All adaptive authentications solutions work quietly in the background to step up security when needed without burdening the user and SecureAuth’s Adaptive Authentication is no exception. However, the key distinction is the sheer number of risks and threats SecureAuth looks at! Most solutions only look at the basic essential factors, but SecureAuth looks at over 10 distinguishing factors to determine access. These range all the way from basic security measures provided by every provider to niche location tracking and many more. Through analysing multiple factors of an authentication request, it is able to surmise the legitimacy of each and every login attempt, repel any attempted attacks, and prevent your organisation from becoming the next headline of a data breach.

True Adaptive Authentication provides world-class security without impacting usability. Risk checks are done without user awareness, but one of the biggest advantages is that multi-factor authentication is only applied if risks are detected. Multiple pre-authentication risk checks coupled with multi-factor authentication provides a layered defence that is nearly impossible to penetrate, even with stolen credentials!

However, instead of interrupting users with a traditional MFA step, Adaptive Authentication enables you to allow access for low-risk requests without MFA, require it for a medium risk and deny access for high risk, bolstering your user experience in hand with security.

SecureAuth Adaptive Authentication Simplifies The User Journey

What Are The Layers?


  • Device Recognition Check
  • Improbable Travel Check
  • IP White/Black List Check
  • Any 3rd Party Risk Score
  • Phone Type Check
  • Malicious IP Check



  • Location Check
  • Directory Check
  • Anonymous Proxy Check
  • Network Carrier Check
  • Phone Porting Status Check
  • Behaviour Analysis

Why Is It The Future?

By 2022, at least 95% of cloud security failures will be the customer’s fault. Mobliciti’s Identity Access & Management solutions means you can consistently enforce access rights across your organisation. Our Adaptive Authentication service offers unmatched security, ease-of-use and flexibility.

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